A break-through photo shoot

Sometimes you have an idea in your mind, but you don’t really have a model. Sometimes instead of diving into deep water, it’s good to test your idea first. And most of all, sometimes when you want to encourage your (very talented) husband to hold the camera once again, after a few years’ break, you need to step up as a model!

Fall Photoshoot (Crystal Dot Photography)

It all started with a dress

So I had this long black dress which I bought online a few years ago for an anniversary reception of the company I’ve been working with for the last few years. It’s fab and I love it! I also had a sudden moment of inspiration, a vision, a clear picture of what I want in my photos, a fairy tale theme. So instead of looking for a suitable model and setting up everything… we made an ad hoc decision, took the camera and used one of those rare Irish sunny days and drove to the park on the other side of the city.Β  The park which actually looks more like a forest and is absolutely beautiful! It was a perfect location.

Fall Photoshoot (Crystal Dot Photography)

We’re a team now

This was the first time when my husband did a proper photo shoot of me. And I think this was also the beginning of him getting seriously involved in all this. And even though I had been doing photography (as a photographer) for a few months before, this is when our fantastic team was born, which was the beginning of something truly amazing! Because I believe that:

Nothing bonds two people more than mutual passion. Click To Tweet

Fall Photoshoot (Crystal Dot Photography)

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Become our model

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and we specialise in the following portrait photoshoots:

We would love to shoot with you some day. Just give us a shout and we can discuss all the details.

If you wish to see more of our work, feel free to check our Facebook page: Crystal Dot Photography.

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