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How To Start a Blog From Scratch

How To Start A Blog From Scratch

All right, so I got your attention. That means you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog but you might be feeling a bit lost about where to begin. Or perhaps you’re looking for some encouragement? Do you have…

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Alternative Street Fashion Photoshoot

I think it’s time to share a bit more of my photography here on my blog, as I have a feeling that I’ve been neglecting this category a little. I’ve been planning to get back to photography for some…

Five Most Common Causes Of Dry Skin

5 Most Common Causes Of Dry Skin

Most of us has had this problem before. Unfortunately some of us suffer from it all the time. Dry skin may be an occasional seasonal nuisance, but sometimes it may indicate a health condition too. It is good to…


Short Arm Workout With Resistance Bands

I admit that since I started practising yoga, I haven’t been doing much of weight lifting or any other type of exercises. Not because it doesn’t interest me anymore but simply because yoga takes so much of my time…

How To Find Balance In Your Life
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How To Find Balance In Your Life

Do you feel like the whole world is trying to take all the space in your head? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and trying hard not to loose your grip on most important matters in your life? If you’re…

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Why Are Antioxidants So Good For Your Skin?

Our guest this month is ConstanteΒ Quirino – a freelance writer who has worked with a number of brands, including Ayr Skin Care. As an advocate for clean, healthy and balanced lifestyles, he writes about developments in health and wellness,…

Native Collagen DNA

Native Collagen DNA

Cosmetology is filled with products with collagen which are meant to rejuvenate our skin and make us look younger for longer. There’s so many products to choose from and being well over 30, I’ve tried a few already, but…