Back to weights – ARMS & BACK

That break was way too long…

Recently I was focusing more on cardio and pilates in order to drop excess fat which I managed to collect soΒ  deliberately during my holiday break. Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately too many push-ups and planks caused my right wrinkle some kind of small injury and my legs are sore after last run. This made me think back to weights and I thought it’s a perfect moment to work on my back and arms (so legs could rest and I wouldn’t have to put any pressure on my wrist).

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My arms & back workout for today:

  • 5 x 12 – standing military press (12.5kg)
  • 3 x 12 – bent over lateral rises (2kg each hand)
  • 3 x 12 – standing front rises (2kg each hand)
  • 3 x 12 – standing dumbbell curl and press (5kg each hand)
  • 3 x 10 – standing triceps extension (5kg) – can be done with a kettlebell instead
  • 2 x 10 – standing barbell curl (12.5kg)

And my arms were on fiiiiireeee!!!!! Did I say I had too long break? ….

Here’s a short video showing some of my exercises:

I added a 10 min tabataΒ workout from Popsugar Fitness (aaaaa push-ups! Had to modify those into planks… that wrist plus shaking arms after weights made push-ups impossible):

I finished with a good bit of stretching which I’m very serious about recently cause I want to improve my flexibility.

It was so good!

If you’re looking for more home workouts ideas with weights perhaps you’ll also like THIS ONE.

Home Gym? Why not!

If you can’t go to the gym or simply prefer to do your workout at home, you can get a set of weights online:

Amazon also has many offers. HERE you can get a set with a W-shaped barbell which is a much better option if your wrists are sensitive. I need to invest in one of those myself actually.

Well… today apart from sore legs, I have also sore arms and back and even my ABS are sore a bit. I’m just thinking, should I do my workout today as I had planned or give my muscles some time to recover? hmm… I will probably do something light and a lot of stretching to ease the pain a bit.

And how about you?

Did you do any workout today?

Back To Weights - Arms and Back Workout

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