Black & White Printed Pants

Black & White Printed Pants

If you own printed clothes and you’re wondering if they’re still going to be in style this year, don’t worry, they’re still hot! Shops will offer loads of various patterns and colours this coming season. From classy black and white to a total mix of colours and patterns. So if you like to keep your wardrobe interesting, you’re going to have a real feast for your eyes.

Personally I don’t own many printed outfits even though I really love them. It’s mainly due to the fact that I’m quite fussy as it comes to choosing the right pattern…  But I do have a few, and today I’d love to share my suggestion of styling one of my favourites – black and white printed pants.


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My outfit:



What I love about these pants is not only the pattern, but also the fact that they are 100% cotton and they are very light and comfortable.  Rue de Femme has a large collection of similar style trousers, from plain colours to different prints, so I’m sure you could find something that would suit your style.

Black & White Printed Pants


In addition to this here’s a few other ideas to inspire your choice:


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Because one of my key rules in fashion is: LESS IS MORE, I’ve decided to go for a plain black crop top. Instead of black you could also choose white – it’s entirely up to you. I also see that fashion changes so much that what used to be perceived “unacceptable” a few years back, now is becoming very fashionable (like mixing similar colours or different patterns together) so feel free to play around.

Black & White Printed Pants


I wonder what would be your choice for a top? Black, white or perhaps something completely different? Here’s a few more for your inspiration:



To complete this outfit I thought black heels and sunglasses would match perfectly. However if you prefer a more casual look, flats or white trainers  would make a perfect choice too. What would you go for?

Black & White Printed Pants


More shoes to pair with this outfit:


More patterned fashion ideas:

Are you bold in your fashion style or rather traditional? Would you wear printed pants and if so how would you style them? Let me know in a comment, please.

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