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Our First Photoshoot

Our first photo shoot – January 2016

The first photo shoot ever (excluding taking occasional photos of my handsome husband of course) – it was a photo shoot I did for my friend. She was a perfect model, beautiful and talented, with that ease in her…

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Floral Summer Dress

I wanted to write this post long time ago but only recently have I managed to find time to edit those photos… This photo shoot took place in June this year during our holidays in Lanzarote. I bought the…


Critic Award – “Essence” 19th April 2017

Another photo of my sister has received a Critic Award from “Essence” on the 19th April. The story behind this photo is very simple – it was the last photo taken during the whole photo shoot. We were coming…


Two Awards and a Magazine Publication

This is a photo of my sister who came visit me in Ireland for her birthday weekend in March. I thought about a present for her and I’ve decided to do a professional photoshoot for her. The whole photo…


Our First Magazine Publication

I’ve decided to keep a record of all our smaller and bigger achievements in photography. It’s become an amazing journey since we started, not so long ago, and within that time we have significantly improved our skills. We are…


A break-through photo shoot

Sometimes you have an idea in your mind, but you don’t really have a model. Sometimes instead of diving into deep water, it’s good to test your idea first. And most of all, sometimes when you want to encourage…