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29/32 – Day 29 – REST DAY (shopping)

Saturday before our holidays, looking through my daughter’s wardrobe I’ve discovered (to mu horror!) that nearly all of her summer clothes are too small so I put her old clothes in the bag for recycling, and took her shopping.…

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26/32 – Day 26 – REST DAY

I don’t have much to say about this day apart from the fact that I haven’t slept enough again… and I had to take a nap during the day. I’m feeling tired these days… The weather is very unstable,…

rest day, wellbeing

18/32 – Day 18 – REST DAY

I had workout planned for today. I woke up rested and full of energy, happy and optimistic. After yesterday’s rest and an epsom salts bath my muscle pain was gone which actually was a big surprise to me. It…

rest day, wellbeing

16/32 – Day 16 – REST DAY

Sunday was a rest day and I was really glad about that because I know for sure that I have crossed the line with my workout on Saturday. Knowing we were going out, I shouldn’t have done my leg…

rest day, wellbeing

5/32 – Day 5 – REST DAY (nap time)

Do you remember my words yesterday about listening to your own body? Well… here we go, I learn the lesson – this morning I woke up with a massive headache… which I was fighting for about half a day.…