Get Your Revenge Body and Live Your Best Life
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Get Your Revenge Body And Live Your Best Life

I’m delighted to introduce a first ever guest post on my blog.

Let’s welcome Amy Mia Goldsmith from  Amy Mia is a lifestyle blogger living in Melbourne. Her passion is fashion, fitness and a healthy lifestyle and today she is sharing her tips on how to get a “revenge body” and live your best life.



We all have that one person. That one whose very memory make us want to clench our fists and go on a rant, or maybe curl up and cry because they’ve struck a chord, hurt us bad. Sometimes it’s a professor who told us we’ll never amount to anything in life, sometimes it’s a friend who betrayed us, but more often than not, it’s an ex. It’s some trashy, good-for-nothing guy who didn’t text back, didn’t “believe in Valentine’s Day,” and generally took for granted any sort of effort on our part.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re angry at your boss, your ex, or your peer group for making fun of you or getting in your way. Anger is a negative, though potent thing, and if aimed right it can actually be immensely helpful. So, let’s go. Time to get some work done and use all this resentment to do something good for ourselves.


Become a gym regular

Doesn’t necessarily need to be the gym (home workouts are great!), but it’s time to get to work. Shed the pounds, tone your body, and use fitness as an outlet, use it as a way to get rid of all that insecurity. If you’re angry, let the anger focus you and push you to keep reaching further. If you’re sad, let the strain of your muscles banish that and inspire you to get well. Work for your health, and work to finally make your dreams come true. You want a sexy, shapely body? It’s yours, all you need is some consistency.


Spa days and pampering

Get Your Revenge Body and Live Your Best Life

Don’t let all that stress eat you up, you need to take a step back and chill a little. Self-care is really important, and doing something that’s both relaxing and good for your body makes everything a lot easier. Why not make a spa day at home? A tub full of hot water, bubbles, and bath salts, and then a whole-body scrub, manicure, pedicure, face mask, hair mask, and a nourishing lotion to soften your skin. Treat your body like a temple!


Change your environment

If you can, travel. Even if it’s just for a weekend, use the chance to go away for a bit. Go somewhere warm, somewhere fun. Fly to Australia and then have the time of your life! Visit Sydney and Perth, see the Great Barrier Reef and swim with dolphins, sip cocktails on beaches and meet cool new people. Take a load of photos, make memories, and soak in that atmosphere. Trust us, you never look more beautiful than when you’re happy and carefree like that.


Beauty treatments and motivation

Get Your Revenge Body and Live Your Best Life

Beauty treatments of all sorts can actually serve as a wonderful form of motivation when you’re feeling really down. To take Australia as an example again, women are engaging in all sorts of procedures now more than ever. The increasingly popular coolsculpting in Perth is actually one of the best treatments for women who need some help shaping up, and if the Kardashian sisters can do it, so can we. Other popular procedures are dermal fillers, rhinoplasty, and cosmetic treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Things like these can serve to lift your confidence up again and make you more motivated to keep going because they simply show you how gorgeous you are.


Eat to live, don’t live to eat

A good attitude to adopt in general, but especially when you’re tempted to sit around your apartment and wallow over a tub of ice cream. While a whole chocolate bar might give you some immediate pleasure, you know that cooking a healthy meal will make you more satisfied in the long run.


New clothes for new you

Get Your Revenge Body and Live Your Best Life

Don’t change your style. If you’re a goth princess, or a dorky cutie, or an ultra-feminine Barbie, don’t change that if you love it. It’s not about that, it’s not about being someone else. It’s about taking what you are and what you like, and then kicking it up a notch. Give your wardrobe a makeover – donate stuff that no longer fits or that looks bad on you, and then invest in garments that fit perfectly, and that make you feel confident and happy. Not sure how to dress for your body type? Here are a few tips.


Go out and have fun with your besties. Work out often, and eat well, and sign up for dance classes. Read books, learn how to code, get back to painting. Start writing a journal, or start designing clothes, or craft jewelry. Volunteer at a nursing home, and donate to safe houses for women, and be sweet to those that you love.

Be brave, and be kind to yourself, and take care of your body and mind. Meet cool people and hang out with them, and simply live your life uninterrupted and unafraid. Happiness is the best form of revenge, and you deserve to feel strong and beautiful. Got all that? Good. Now the next time you walk past your ex simply smile, be polite, and watch their face scrounge up as they realize exactly what they’ve missed.


Thank you Amy Mia for guest-posting!

If you’re looking for more, Amy Mia regularly contributes to a number of lifestyle online publications including, and .


Find her on Twitter or on Facebook.


How To Get Your Revenge Body And Live Your Best Life - guest post
How To Get A Revenge Body And Live Your Best Life


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    Yes! Much of a body transformation is also a MENTAL transformation. I love that you add the tip on de-stressing 💜 great post Amy!

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      I totally agree! Thank you for your comment Zati.

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