Our First Rocks Ever - Gran Canaria
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Our First Rocks Ever! (Gran Canaria)

As the holiday time comes closer, I keep coming back to our holidays in Gran Canaria in July 2015. It was a family time, two weeks of rest, lying on the beach, sunbathing, walking through the sand dunes and… climbing!

My husband became really passionate about climbing in the beginning of 2014 and he passed that passion on to me and to my daughter shortly after.  So far we’ve been only going to the nearby climbing centre (Awesome Walls in Dublin), but he always wanted to try climbing rocks.

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Planning our holidays

So back then, when we were planning our holidays, what I really wanted was sea and beach. My husband on the other hand had dug his heels in the idea of climbing rocks. In that situation we had to find something that would have both: rocks and sea, and Gran Canaria seemed like a perfect spot. We had three large luggages, one of those entirely packed with climbing gear. I could hardly squeeze all the stuff for 3 people for 2 weeks holidays in only 2 luggages… it was a challenge but, well, I’ve already said “yes” so I thought “OK, let’s do it!”

Small part of our climbing gear on holidays in Gran Canaria

That’s only a small part of what we had to pack.

What we packed for our rock climbing adventure (basic equipment):

Beach holidays with a twist

We stayed in Mas Palomas and rented a car for the whole 2 weeks. We were very close to the sea and we spent all hot days on the beach or by the pool. Having a car was the best decision ever! We could go to the nearby towns and further inlands if we wanted to do some sightseeing. We also went to the rocks on a few evenings (we had to wait for the sun to set behind the mountains so the rocks wouldn’t be too hot for climbing).  I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea the first time we drove there. The whole road was a long serpentine going along the side of the mountain. Absolutely beautiful! But imagine driving in heat on a curvy road with a child on the back seat! Well…. I’m not going to go into details here…

Gran Canaria - on the way to the rocks

The first spot – Fataga

The fright in my eyes when I saw what path we had to cross in order to get to the first climbing spot in Fataga! It led through an old dam and there was a long way down through very narrow concrete steps along the dam’s wall. With my 6-year old… ?!?! Well perhaps it’s a mommy’s thing that we worry too much (or at least that’s what my husband says…). Anyway, I took extra care and kept a firm hold of her hand all the time…

A Dam in Fataga, Gran Canaria

A Dam in Fataga - Stairs

And there come the rocks. Fabulous, beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. The place is amazing! It’s basically a long wall of rock running along a dried river basin.

Rocks in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Rocks in Fataga, Gran Canaria

But try to climb on that for the first time in your life… The rock still hot (even though we were in the shade) and in some parts really sharp. I had so much fun actually. I was laughing at myself because of my futile attempts to lift my bum up with my skinny arms. There’s 16 routes ranging from 5 – 7b. I think we managed to find one marked level 4 and that’s where we started but seriously, level 4 on the rocks and level 4 on the wall in the climbing centre are two entirely different numbering orders. I don’t know but I think on the rocks the level of difficulty must start somewhere at minus 3 or something lol.

Here, look at him climbing. First time on the rocks and he feels like a fish in the sea (or perhaps I should say “a goat on the mountain”)

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

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Me, on the other had…. well, that was a real struggle for me and a tough workout! I honestly don’t know how I did it, how many times I fell off the rock, and the state of my hands afterwards (!) … But you know what? I’D DO IT AGAIN!!!

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

It was worth reaching the top. The view was so beautiful!

Fataga, Gran Canaria - view from the top of the crag

And here’s my little one, brave and excited! We were SO proud of her! She was absolutely amazing and really happy that she could do the same thing as her daddy! She climbed just a little, my husband was encouraging her all the time and guiding her where to put her hand or leg, and she was doing her best. I’m sure she’s going to have fantastic memories from that trip.

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

Climbing in Fataga, Gran Canaria

The second spot – Sorrueda

The other spot was even worse (the level of difficulty-wise), but the scenery was breathtaking! Climbing rocks in Sorrueda are located in a valley, which seemed like a death valley actually, because of the heat and dryness there… In order to get there we had to walk a really long way through stones and dry shrubs, being extra careful not to step on a snake or something worse! (my crazy imagination again…) And we had to chase away a goat which was blocking our crag, poor little thing, it was so terribly hot on that day and she was looking for some shade.

A goat guarding our crag in Sorrueda, Gran Canaria

I totally loved that spot. The heat was hard to bear (even though it was in the afternoon and we were in the shade), but the views… That place was amazing! It made you feel like you’re alone in this world, away from all the crowds and noise – I really needed that. The crags… well the crags were even more demanding than the ones in Sorrueda, but I had a few attempts to conquer them, and I DID manage to get to the top (after falling off the rock a few times on the way)!

Climbing in Sorrueda - Gran Canaria

So yes, we did it! 😀 And each next time it was better and better. It was fun and a great workout. And thanks to climbing, those holidays were so amazing, so different, full of variety and really worth remembering. It’s worth to reach out of your comfort zone and do something crazy sometimes!

Climbing in Sorrueda, Gran Canaria

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Do you often challenge yourself and reach out of your comfort zone?

What do you like doing together with your family?

Do you have any passions that you share with each other?

Have you ever tried rock climbing?

I’m really curious to know what it’s like for you. Please let me know in a comment or feel free to ask me any question about my climbing adventure.




Our First Rocks Ever (Gran Canaria family holidays)

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    Your family is beautiful. I am not a big rock climbing fan but do enjoy reading your post. I also agree that at some point you should challenge yourself to know how far can you go and what talents have you got hidden within you. Great post

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      March 27, 2018 at 1:21 pm

      Thank you so much Kaye. I must have missed your comment earlier so I’m only replying now, I’m sorry. I’m really glad that you enjoyed my post and you’re so right about the challenging ourselves. It’s very empowering! xxx

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