Sexy Choker Dress

It’s freezing cold outside as we are in the middle of winter now. But my thoughts are warm and my memories go back to still quite warm days in Ireland.

This was the last photo shoot my husband took for me before I moved back to Poland and I’ve been waiting for the best moment to publish it. With St. Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I miss him so much… and I think it’s perfect time to share it, not only to give you some fashion ideas, but also because for me personally that photo shoot (and that dress too) carries lots of emotions and beautiful memories.


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Sexy Choker Dress


I admit that I have a weakness for dresses and every time I bought a new one my husband would roll his eyes saying “not again, seriously?”

With this dress it was different. I remember when I put it on his jaw dropped and he said absolutely nothing. When I asked him what he thinks, he admitted that it’s beautiful and sexy and that he loves the choker thing most. Guess men have a weakness for those kind of things… Well, of course they do!

So here’s my sexy fashion inspiration for the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for something really hot, go for a red or black dress with a choker, or a high neck dress.


Sexy Choker Dress


Choker Dress

I bought this dress from River Island a couple of years ago, but here’s a few other dresses to help you look for something very similar:


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Sexy Choker Dress


Lace Up Heels

To pair it with heels I would choose simple pumps or stilletos, or you could add a little bit of something extra and put on lace up heels. Why not? In this type of shoes your legs will look long and sexy!


Sexy Choker Dress


Open Back

One other thing which makes this dress so lovely is an open back.

Some dresses with open back:


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Sexy Choker Dress

How do you like my outfit? Would you wear something similar for St. Valentine’s Day?



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