SKINS Sportswear Review
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SKINS Sportswear Review

Comfort, durability, design and price – these are the four key elements most of us consider when choosing sportswear. But what if I told you that there is the fifth element?

I wasn’t aware of that until September this year, when a company called SKINS got in touch with me and sent me a set of their sportswear asking for an honest review. Intrigued by their history and their product descriptions I couldn’t wait to test their sports clothes. It sounded very interesting!


Before I continue, let me clarify that this is NOT a sponsored post. I do not get any financial compensation for writing this review, nor for the links included in this post. I’m sharing my honest personal opinion about the items I had a chance to test.

I have received three items:

SKINS Sportswear Review


A bit of history behind SKINS

SKINS was founded back in 1996 by an Australian physiologist and a ski enthusiast. He believed that by increasing blood circulation and supplying more oxygen to muscles, we could increase their performance and help them recover faster. His idea was supported by NASA and other experts and soon he started implementing his vision and created a range of compression fitness clothes. This is how SKINS was brought to life. Their sports clothes were meant to improve power, speed, stamina and recovery and they were first worn by professional athletes. Soon afterwards they were also available for everyone else.

I should also mention that SKINS is endorsed by the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) and that they have been very strong opponents of using doping in sports.

That fifth element! – COMPRESSION

Yes, that missing element is COMPRESSION. And it’s not as simple as it sounds. SKINS uses a very specific Gradient Compression across the major muscle groups, with the highest compression applied at the calf and gradually decreasing towards the heart. If you want to learn more about SKINS Compression technology and its benefits, their YELLOW BOOK OF COMPRESSION will give you all the details. There has actually been research conducted on SKINS technology so all they’re saying has been scientifically proven. That’s pretty amazing too, isn’t it?


SKINS benefits

  • Performance endurance increase (by increasing blood flow velocity and muscle oxygenation and reducing blood lactate at submaximal intensities).
  • Power increase (by increasing force production and lower body proprioception)
  • Injury risk reduction (by reducing swelling)
  • Wicking – to keep moisture away from your body
  • Temperature control – great for cool and warm days
  • 50+ UV protection
  • 30 days free returns
  • 1 year warranty


✔ Order

My package arrived within a few days so I was very pleasantly surprised that it was so fast.

All items were packed separately in nice plastic covers. All very neat and securely packed (as shown in a photo below).

SKINS Sportswear Review


✔ Size accuracy and comfort

I’m wearing size S or XS and after checking the size chart on SKINS website I’ve decided to go for XS.

Leggings – DNAmic SOFT 7/8 High Rise Tights

To be honest, when I took the leggings out of the packaging I was rather worried that I might not be able to fit in them or even if I manage… that they might be too tight. But totally unnecessarily! Those leggings turned out to be extremely stretchy and they were not too tight at all. They’re very comfortable to wear. I also love that pleasant cotton-feel to their fabric, which makes them really soft and smooth. They actually feel like your “second skin” (and now I know why they’re called that way). You can get them either in navy blue or deep teal.

SKINS Sportswear Review


Sports bra – DNAmic SOFT Sports Bra

SKINS DNAmic SOFT sports bra seems less tight, compared to leggings, though it still fits nicely and feels really soft and comfortable. It’s probably due to SKINS compression technology in which it gradually decreases towards the heart. I have to say that I absolutely love the back of the bra! Simple yet beautiful, those delicate crisscross straps not only give it that perfect yoga-style look and highlight strong muscular back, but also leave your back open to let air cool your skin during workout. Excellent idea, SKINS Design Team. Thank you for combining technology, comfort, and style in such a subtle way. Available in two shades, navy blue and cameo pink.

SKINS Sportswear Review


Tank top – Activewear Siken Tank Top

Tank top is naturally loose so it fits perfectly. It’s also very light and soft. I really liked the slightly metalic, nearly invisible shimmer of that fabric. It’s hard to capture it in a photo, but it’s grey/white, depending on the light. It’s not shiny but has that very subtle beautiful metalic touch – really lovely effect! What’s more SKINS tank top is made from odour-managing performance jersey fabric that wicks moisture away, keeping your skin dry during workout. And it’s available in three different colours (white, blue and pink).

SKINS Sportswear Review

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SKINS Sportswear Review


✔ Performance

So I put SKINS sports clothes to test during my yoga practice and as much as I’d love to tell you about my personal performance improvement and all that, it would be quite impossible in fact. I do realise that there’d be lots of factors taken into consideration in order to make such tests credible.

However what I did feel when wearing SKINS, was that amazing COMFORT while doing my practice.

Leggings felt like my second skin and that compression on my calves was a very pleasant sensation. Bra felt really soft and it didn’t move or pitch during my yoga practice. They say it’s a perfect bra for smaller busts and it really is, however seeing how solid it is, I think it might be good for medium breasts too. I also loved the tank top – light as a feather and breathable, you almost forget that you have it on, and the fact that the fabric wicks moisture away from your body is a big “plus”! Next time I need to test it during my power yoga session or running to see how it behaves (I’ll update this post with that info then).

Overall very positive impressions and I would definitely recommend SKINS to my friends.

SKINS Sportswear Review


Have you ever worn SKINS? Let me know if you have and share your impressions with me. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask them in a comment below.

Thank you,



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