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Full Body Workout

Full Body Home Workout

Yesterday I did a short full body workout at home which I based on two trisets: 1st TRISET – LEGS AND ARMS (with hand weights): CURTSY LUNGES WITH LATERAL RISES (15 reps) LUNGES WITH FRONT RISES (15 reps) SQUATS…


27/32 – Day 27 – FULL BODY

WORKOUT Full body workout called Killer by Ewa Chodakowska. Extreme cardio with some core strengthening exercises, especially focused on legs and ABS. [youtube] This workout always squeezes a lot of sweat out of me. This time I did…


19/32 – Day 19 – FULL BODY

WORKOUT At last! I could do my workout! My determination was high and I was excited, also because I wanted to do something totally new. I’ve found one of Jillian Michael’s workouts with weights and I thought that would…

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13/32 – Day 13 – FULL-BODY WORKOUT

MEALS & WATER I’m deep in thoughts… Something is not right. I’ve been eating healthy for the past 13 days. My only sin was the two glasses of wine on Saturday. No sweet stuff, no cheating, I was trying…


I might call it a Leg Week

Yes! My legs were on fire this week! And they still are… I’ve had three really tough workouts within the last few days: WEDNESDAY: weights THURSDAY: intensive cardio interval training SATURDAY: running I know! Who does cardio the day…


Monday. Nothing a good run can’t fix.

I’m tempted to say that I hate running as I always did before, but this time I won’t. I think something has changed in me yesterday because for the first time I had smile on my face while running!…