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Full Body Workout

Full Body Home Workout

Yesterday I did a short full body workout at home which I based on two trisets: 1st TRISET – LEGS AND ARMS (with hand weights): CURTSY LUNGES WITH LATERAL RISES (15 reps) LUNGES WITH FRONT RISES (15 reps) SQUATS…

Arm Home Workout with weights

Arm Workout With Weights

Here’s my latest arm workout with weights which I sometimes do at home. If you have a barbell and dumbbells at home you can do it any time. My workout included: STANDING MILITARY PRESS (4 sets, 8 reps) BENT…


Go Run

Why not? The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! Your inner self will thank you for it. And it did!…


31/32 – Day 31 – REST DAY (packing)

I don’t have much to say… I was supposed to go to work today but had to stay at home with my daughter who isn’t feeling well… Just perfect, right before our flight and she caught a cold and…


30/32 – Day 30 – LEGS & ABS

WORKOUT Feeling great and full of energy today! I had a very busy day, spent nearly 6 hours in town getting ready for holidays. I had my nails done and I spent some time with one of my friends…


17/32 – Day 17 – HALFWAY THROUGH (reflections)

Only 16 days left till my holidays and it’s time for re-evaluation of my progress and some reflections and changes. Probably not the best moment for this because I’m still experiencing the effects of Saturday extreme workout and a…


15/32 – Day 15 – LEG DAY (& night out)

WORKOUT I wanted to change something so I’ve decided to look for some nice leg workout on youtube. Still I did 3 sets of squats, for which I have increased weight (from 32.5kg to 37.5kg). I wonder how much…


10/32 – Day 10 – ARM DAY

WORKOUT I did my workout with weights at home. I bought myself a new set of small weights, which I was missing for my ABS exercises and lateral rises etc… so I had a chance to test them. That…