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2 Weeks Fitness Challenge

2 Weeks Fitness Challenge

One of the things which keep my motivation level high in my fitness journey, is my friends who I met over the Internet in one of the Facebook groups. It’s a small fitness group which I’ve been a part…


Leg Workout With Free Weights

Leg workouts are my favourite! And I thought I’d share a VIDEO of the latest one I did. It’s going to be my first video shared here with anyone… What made me do it? Within the last few days…


Back to weights – ARMS & BACK

That break was way too long… Recently I was focusing more on cardio and pilates in order to drop excess fat which I managed to collect so  deliberately during my holiday break. Who doesn’t? Well… too many push-ups and…

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25/32 – Day 25 – LEGS & ABS

WORKOUT I’m still fighting! I put more emphasis on cardio workout now trying to loose that remaining bit of fat in my stomach area (extremely stubborn!)… at the same time I need some variety so I’m looking for different…


11/32 – Day 11 – LEG DAY

Ahhh I’m so busy I usually don’t even open my laptop when I’m home… So I’m trying to make up for the missing days now. I don’t really want to flood you with my posts so I’ll do my…


10/32 – Day 10 – ARM DAY

WORKOUT I did my workout with weights at home. I bought myself a new set of small weights, which I was missing for my ABS exercises and lateral rises etc… so I had a chance to test them. That…


3/32 – Day 3 – ARM DAY

Monday – new week, fresh start. We’ll see how my new daily routine will work during weekdays… WORKOUT I thought I’d go running this morning but the weather was crap, wet and windy… However, I did my afternoon workout…


Saturday Leg & ABS Workout

Saturday. My inspiration is gone. My energy is gone. My will to move even slightly is gone too. I feel I could spend the whole day sitting on the sofa.I spent half day chilling with my daughter and doing…

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What Keeps Me On Track

How many times have you lost your motivation? What helps you to keep your motivation on a certain level? I’m sure everyone has his own ways, and I guess what works for one person may not necessarily work for…