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5 Positive Quotes To Make You Feel Better

5 Positive Quotes To Make You Feel Better

In this busy world we live in, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Often times we seek the way out, to freshen up our brain, to feel better, to restart, to take a deep breath and move on.…

Fall Tag
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Fall Tag – Get Inspired This Season

Hi! This month I’m going to do something different than usual. I’ve decided to take part in Ell’s Fall Tag to let you know me a bit better, have some fun on my blog and perhaps inspire you a…

Running First 10K

My first 10K

10K ! I did it! I still can’t really believe it! 10K has never been my aim. I don’t have any ambition to run marathons nor even to run really far just for fun. I think that amount of…

Fashion Floral Summer Dress

Floral Summer Dress

I wanted to write this post long time ago but only recently have I managed to find time to edit those photos… This photo shoot took place in June this year during our holidays in Lanzarote. I bought this…

Go Run
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Go Run

Why not? The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! After all it’s all about overcoming your own laziness and adding…