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2 Weeks Fitness Challenge

2 Weeks Fitness Challenge

One of the things which keep my motivation level high in my fitness journey, is my friends who I met over the Internet in one of the Facebook groups. It’s a small fitness group which I’ve been a part…


My first 5K

Now, I never thought that would happen! Ever!!! Partly because I’m not really a runner, I run only very occasionally to introduce some variety into my training program or as a warm-up, and partly because let’s be honest –…


Go Run

Why not? The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! Your inner self will thank you for it. And it did!…

rest day, wellbeing

26/32 – Day 26 – REST DAY

I don’t have much to say about this day apart from the fact that I haven’t slept enough again… and I had to take a nap during the day. I’m feeling tired these days… The weather is very unstable,…


11/32 – Day 11 – LEG DAY

Ahhh I’m so busy I usually don’t even open my laptop when I’m home… So I’m trying to make up for the missing days now. I don’t really want to flood you with my posts so I’ll do my…


1/32 – Day 1 – LEG DAY

So here we go. Day 1 of my new daily routine, and it so happens that it starts on Saturday. How I managed; here’s the checklist: Workout – 10/10 Meals – 10/10 Water – 8/10 Sleep – 10/10 Phone…


1 Month Till Holidays – Just Don’t Panic!

Saturday the 13th of May – in exactly one month I’ll be lying on the beach in Lanzarote… Those holidays are my deadline for reaching my fitness goal! And because, even though I was doing my best with all…


Saturday Leg & ABS Workout

Saturday. My inspiration is gone. My energy is gone. My will to move even slightly is gone too. I feel I could spend the whole day sitting on the sofa.I spent half day chilling with my daughter and doing…