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Running First 10K

My first 10K

10K ! I did it! I still can’t really believe it! 10K has never been my aim. I don’t have any ambition to run marathons nor even to run really far just for fun. I think that amount of…


My first 5K

I did it! My first 5K! I never thought that would happen! Ever!!! Partly because I’m not really a runner, I run only very occasionally to introduce some variety into my training program or as a warm-up, and partly…


Go Run

Why not? The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! Your inner self will thank you for it. And it did!…


7/32 – Day 7 – RUN & REST

I took a break for the weekend with posting my updates, so here is the missing first one from Friday. WORKOUT Friday was supposed to be an active day but my muscles felt quite weak so I’ve decided to…


6/32 – Day 6 – ARM DAY

Today I’m gonna go straight to the point! WORKOUT It was such a beautiful and warm day that it would have been sin to stay at home and do nothing. So this morning I went for a short run.…


I might call it a Leg Week

Yes! My legs were on fire this week! And they still are… I’ve had three really tough workouts within the last few days: WEDNESDAY: weights THURSDAY: intensive cardio interval training SATURDAY: running I know! Who does cardio the day…


Monday. Nothing a good run can’t fix.

I’m tempted to say that I hate running as I always did before, but this time I won’t. I think something has changed in me yesterday because for the first time I had smile on my face while running!…