Tuesday Leg Day

I seriously need to go back to the gym… I miss that feeling when I could hardly walk after a deadly workout. I also feel like I’m having breaks too often, but I can hardly find time for workout cause I’m so busy with photos recently.

My bum needs some proper workout! So I’ve modified my latest training, and I really hope I will feel that tomorrow.

Here’s what I did today:


  • After that, one of the most challenging ABS tabata which I’ve tried so far:
  • And a good 15 minutes of stretches for squats.

What can I say? … Sumo squats were not that bad, although the last series I could hardly push back to the standing position – a good sign, means the weight was good.

Deadlifts – they are tricky little bastards, cause you feel that your legs and your bum could manage much more, but oh NO nonono, your hands are saying “NO FU**ING WAY”! My hands, at least… And you know what? Imagine yourself doing the 10th rep of the third series, you feel your hands are going to be ripped out of your arms, but you have 2 more reps!, and there your daughter starts calling you persistently because she can’t flash the toilet!?!?!? “Mom, mom, it isn’t working!” I can’t say a word cause I’m dying here… “Mooooom!!! Moooom! It’s broken!” “Leave it!” I shouted doing the last rep, and it actually helped! Cause I had so much anger in me because of how hard it was for me to endure that feckin pain in my hands, that when I shouted, I let some of it go. And then when I finished, there came a nice bouquet of “the nicest” words you can imagine (silently, so my daughter wouldn’t hear it)…


Hip raises – one of my favourite exercises cause I feel that my hips are not overloaded (I don’t want them to grow too much). And now comes the last one – donkey kicks – like a cherry on top of the cake! This seems easy, but go ahead, do it with some extra weight on your ankles and do not 10 reps, but 15! Or go for 20 if you want. I wanted to cry when I was reaching the 11th rep. My butt was crying! And I hope it will be sore tomorrow and the day after :p


And if you want to devastate yourself, do that tabata! πŸ˜€ Do it! πŸ˜‰

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