Three Little Gift Ideas

I know it’s rather too early for Christmas shopping and I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, however these three little things have caught my eye in Boots today. They are all small so it’s a great chance to test those products before you decide to buy bigger capacities. It’s also worth to mention that Boots has now a special offer on Christmas gifts so you can buy 3 for the price of 2 and you can mix and match them.

I have never tried any of them so I was very excited to test them! Fortunately the first impression was really good.


I love the diamond shaped packaging with a little bead on the ribbon! It holds a 50ml jar of Body Soufflé inside. There were three types to choose from: mint, pink and shimmering. I’ve chosen the mint one and the description of this product says:

This moisturising body soufflé blends fruity top notes with violet, whilst the base combines sweet yet soft vanilla, patchouli and amber.

The smell of this lotion is truly captivating! The skin feels very delicate and moisturised after the first use.


Beautiful box with golden words saying “a little something special” (I love it!) reveals a small 40ml tube of a hand cream. OMG the smell of it! It smells like perfumes, girls! And it lasts really long. If you don’t like strong fragrances don’t buy it;) I usually avoid such products however this one is so lovely that I will definitely keep using it.

The cream contains chamomile, orange, mandarin and restorative vitamins a, c, e and b5. A big advantage to me is also an SPF 15!

After the first application hands feel very soft and delicate. It forms a protective barrier on your skin. The cream is very light and gets absorbed very fast which gives it another “plus” from me.

I’m generally really fussy with hand creams because most of them don’t really do their job. My hands get extremely dry in winter and I’ve already began to feel this huge discomfort. I’ve tested loads of them and I have one which works really well. I will give this hand cream a chance and see if it works for such demanding skin as mine. It says “as good as new” on the tube – well I hope so:)


The Christmassy triangular box contains three little jars of lip butter (10g each):

  • Fruity Strawberry
  • Sweet Mango
  • Luscious Vanilla

All of them smell delicious! Intrigued by the word “luscious” I’ve tested Vanilla lip balm and asked my husband what he thinks… He said it smells like chocolate!? OK, close, both are sweet so I forgive him;)

The lip balm is very delicate, makes your lips smooth and is not sticky. I quickly forgot that I had it on my lips.

You can get them all from Boots in the offer “3 for 2 Mix and Match”. I got them all for 13 euro in total. Prices are as follows:

The idea of little boxes with ribbons is fantastic! You can hang them on a Christmas tree and make very nice and original surprise gifts to your friends or family.


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