Our first rocks ever! (Gran Canaria)

As the holiday time comes closer, I keep coming back to our holidays in Gran Canaria two years ago. It was a family time, two weeks of rest, lying on the beach, sunbathing, walking and… climbing!

My husband went totally crazy about climbing a few years ago. It was his love from the first sight. I remember when he went to the climbing centre for the first time and came back jumping with happiness like a little boy! Since then he was going there almost every day. He’s very slim but muscular guy, who doesn’t know the word “fear” and strives on adrenaline, he also used to practise martial arts and is very strong and flexible, so it was just perfect. I remember many evenings spent alone cause he was THERE. Well… some guys love fishing, others like watching football matches in the pub with their crowd, for some others gym seems like the second home, and for my guy it was the climbing centre. Hmmm… In fact I didn’t mind that much cause it wasn’t long before he took me there and bought me the whole gear!


I think it took me somewhat around three sessions before I started really feeling what he was so excitedly talking about.  So, more and more often I was going there together with him. It was a great feeling, I discovered yet another thing which was slowly becoming our mutual passion. Seeing what he could do made me so proud! He was actually really REALLY good!!! Next, we took our daughter with us, and that’s how it became a family time. Fantastic!

Look at those monkey moves! Isn’t he just great?

So, two years ago, when we were planning our holidays, I really wanted sea and beach, and he was deadly hooked on rocks. Gran Canaria seemed like a perfect spot. We had three large luggages, one of those entirely packed with climbing gear, heavy as hell. I could hardly squeeze all the stuff for 3 people for 2 weeks holidays in only 2 luggages… ehh… OK I thought. Let it be. Let’s do it!

PLUS 3 helmets and 3 harnesses, and 3 pairs of climbing shoes…. and more….

I was deadly scared the first time we drove to the rocks. The whole road was a long serpentine going along the side of the mountain. Beautiful! ❤ But imagine driving in heat on a curvy road with a child on the back seat 😀 Well…. let’s not go into details here…

The fright when I’ve noticed what path we have to cross in order to get to the first climbing spot! With my 6-year old… Well perhaps it’s a mommy’s thing – that we worry too much (or at least that’s what my husband’s saying…). Anyway, I took extra care and kept a firm hold of her hand all the time… and we were fine ;).

And then comes the rocks. Fabulous, beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. The place is amazing! But try to climb on that for the first time in your life… The rock still hot (even though we were in the shade) and in some parts sharp like a razor. I had so much laugh actually. I was laughing at myself cause of my futile attempts to lift my bum up with my skinny arms. Gosh, seriously, level 4 on the rocks and level 4 on the wall in the climbing centre are two entirely different numbering orders. I don’t know. I think on the rocks the level of difficulty must start somewhere at -3 or something 😮 lol

Here, look at him. First time on the rocks and he feels like a fish in the sea (or perhaps I should say: a goat on the mountain ;D)


Me, on the other had…. well, that was a real struggle for me and a deadly workout! I honestly don’t know how I did it, how many times I fell off the rock, and the state of my hands afterwards! … But you know what? I’D DO IT AGAIN!!! 😀


And here comes my little one, brave and excited! I was so proud of her! She was absolutely amazing and so happy that she could do the same thing as her daddy! ❤

The other spot was even worse (the level of difficulty-wise), but the scenery was breathtaking! it was in a valley, which seemed like death valley actually, cause of the heat and dryness there… In order to get there we had to walk a really long way through stones and dry shrubs, being extra careful not to step on a snake or something worse! And we had to chase away a goat which was blocking our crag, poor little thing, it was so terribly hot on that day and she was looking for some shade.

So we did it! 😀 And every next time it was better and better. It was fun and a great workout. And thanks to climbing, those holidays were so amazing, so different, full of variety and really worth remembering.


What do you do together? Do you have any passions that you share with each other?


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