Sunday Home Workout

After two days of rest I did my training today. My legs are still sore after Friday so I’ve decided to do arms and back. I have a very strong back, but my arms are the weakest part of my body. They have always been quite skinny and one of my biggest complex so I try hard to force those stubborn muscles to grow. It goes very slowly… but I see there is a slight progress so I keep strengthening them gradually by increasing the weight and pressing them really hard!

My today’s workout looked like that:


  • I finished my workout with Butt and ABS tabata:
  • At the end I did a cool down and a few stretching exercises.

I can honestly say: “I hate pull-ups!” I truly hate them! But I’m stubborn and I remember doing them easily when I was a small kid, so I KNOW that I CAN DO IT! I only need practice 🙂  Right now I can do maybe three from the standing position. The rest is just jumping up and then slowly going down (this is deadly in its own way anyway, try it!)


Similar story applies to push-ups. Another exercise which drives me mad, but I keep doing it anyway. I can only do like 3 real ones, the ones on toes! The rest is the women’s type on knees, but today this exercise KILLED ME! 😀 I collapsed on the mat after the last series swearing and sweating like crazy…

I love exercises with a barbell ❤ Military press is one of the hardest for me. I can do a few reps thinking “oh, this is easy” but more or less right after the middle of my reps, it gets worse and worse, and the only thoughts that shout in my head are “% ^$%$ &^% *@!!!!” I think my bad vocabulary has significantly improved since I started working out 😀 (not sure what to think of that :p )

Now, the last one, triceps extension with a kettlebell… This one makes me laugh and cry at the same time 😀 It’s really hard to explain but I have a few of those exercises which release that weird sensation in me. They’re one of my favourites 😀


Yep, that’s my back today. I was actually quite curious what it looks like especially since I’ve started lifting weights, and I’m honestly surprised and really happy to see some progress.

A delicious post-workout meal with my freshly baked bread and I can rest now 🙂


How did you spend your Sunday?


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