Nails – classy look

“A girl without beautiful nails is like a night without stars” – Tammy Taylor

If you are a busy person, like me, you would probably want to give a huge crazy hug and kiss the person who has invented Shellac! Hybrid nail polish is my true salvation! Do you feel me, girls? My nails love it, and it’s totally indestructible! Believe me, I have tried to destroy it a few times when I was climbing and it survived (lost a bit of gloss, but that’s all). It can last even 6 weeks or probably even longer, if it wasn’t for the regrowth of nails… and me getting bored with constant one design, obviously (I’m a woman, hello! πŸ˜‰ )….

So what colour do you usually choose if you want to look classy?

If you’re ever in doubt, or can’t make up your mind, I suggest two safest options:

  1. Red – classy, feminine, sexy, represents strong personality and self-confidence. Looks beautiful with all outfits and makes you feel special.
  2. French or cream – very delicate, feminine, matches all other colours, if you don’t feel good wearing colours, go for this option. It will give them the feel of freshness.

They’re timeless no matter what fashion trends. However, I personally love to see some creativity in nail art. Not going too far though, I prefer to keep it simple, remembering one golden rule I once heard, that “too much of everything is not good for you“. So, not too much, but just enough to make it unique and interesting. And because I’m a person who likes opposites and variety, I usually jump from delicate bright colours to darker and stronger ones. Here’s a few of my favourites (all done by an amazing, truly passionate nail artist: Polish & Nails in Dublin – OMG you’ve got to see her page! what this girl can do is outstanding!):


My absolute favourite so far! This is so ME. I fell in love with this light pink. I think it’s time to do something similar again! It’s a perfect colour for Easter πŸ™‚ YES!!!


Two types of mermaid plus grey, which actually had so many different shades depending on light that I couldn’t believe my own eyes! They were grey in artificial light, and light blue in the natural light, and different shades of that too! Amazing!


These ones are actually a chameleon type ❀ They turn into different colours depending on temperature. This is absolutely brilliant! It’s as if you got two manicures in one, isn’t it? I love it!


In fact no photo can show the real beauty of this green colour. This was my Christmas little treat and I couldn’t stop staring at that green glitter.

As you see I prefer to keep them short. Long nails are not really suitable for my kind of lifestyle. They drive me nuts!Β  Short nails can also look classy and beautiful, just make sure that they’re well-cared for. There’s nothing worse than nails with scratched leftovers of last months’ nail polish (ugh!).

My nails may be just too “usual” compared to what my friend can do. She’s a real artist, a perfectionist, and her ornaments are absolutely beautiful ❀ She does it all with a little tiny brush, paying attention to the smallest details. I couldn’t resist showing you a few of my favourites from her page. Check it out for more inspiration, she’s got some very sweet and cute ideas for Easter! ❀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is your favourite colour? What nail polish are you wearing now? Feel free to share it in comments below.



2 thoughts on “Nails – classy look

  1. I admit that I love ur Christmas look the plum is stunning…. but the long pointy nails not a favorite, if you go long an oval tip that goes with your beautiful natural shape is better, especially being a working mother…. FYI….also love the flamingos lol

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    • Thanks for your comment and advice. I don’t wear long nails. I know exactly what you mean. Photos in the gallery at the bottom of my post belong to my nail artist and it’s not my nails in them πŸ˜‰ Mine are the 4 photos listed within the post. I’ve tried to grow my nails but once they go over the tip of my finger they drive me nuts, so no… as much as I love them on somebody else, I can’t have them myself.

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