Our First Magazine Publication

I’ve decided to keep a record of all our smaller and bigger achievements in photography. It’s become an amazing journey since we started, not so long ago, and within that time we have significantly improved our skills. We are both amateurs, my husband had some previous experience in photography, but to me it was all new! I knew Photoshop better than the camera itself but I quickly learnt all the important bits and pieces. It’s been over a year now, since we started and it’s absolutely amazing to see that our photos meet with such a great response. Our works have been appreciated by many other photographers and photographic publishing groups, which was very reassuring and motivating. We continue what we love doing, with even stronger involvement and determination now and I’m really excited to see what future will bring.

Our first magazine publication came in as a big surprise in November 2016 (which is nearly one year from the moment when we took up photography). I never knew how it works and I wasn’t even putting any attempts for this to happen. And there, one day I found a message in my mailbox that one of the British photographic magazines, “Shutterpass“, would like to publish our photos. They asked me for up to 10 images plus a short biography. I was so happy and so excited! It’s an amazing feeling to be appreciated in such way. So that’s how it started and with this, we got some fresh wind in our sails šŸ™‚

The joy was even bigger when we noticed that one of our photos made it for the back cover of that magazine! šŸ˜® Absolutely fantastic!

They have published 9 of our photos in that issue. You can view it HERE (starting from page 60).

Here’s all our published photos:

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Thank you :*


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