Saturday Back Workout

It wasn’t planned at all. Easter is the time when we’re all busy with cleaning, cooking and baking… But we were nearly done with everything and my husband set up all the weights to do his training. And then I thought, ah why not? 😉

I’ve modified my back workout a little bit:


And I did this Cardio and ABS workout afterwards:

And stretching at the end of course.

PSX_20170416_152444-01It wasn’t easy… My hands are still weak and not willing to grow even though I’m pushing really hard. My husband on the other hand, has been doing only arms for the last two weeks (about 3-4 times a week) and he is growing!!! Life is so unfair… :p (only joking;) ) He’s always had muscles and almost no fat tissue at all! Me on the other hand, even though I’ve always been rather too slim, I still have some tummy fat to loose, and loosing and growing at the same time is not that easy…

Two most difficult exercises during this workout (excluding pull-ups of course!) were: barbell military press and biceps curl! My poor hands….

Finishing this workout with some cardio ABS was a real killer and I sweated like crazy, but that’s what I needed. It was a great workout!

And now it’s time for all those cakes and Easter food 😀




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