Log Off. Go Workout.

This is definitely my motto for today.

Do you also have days when you feel that the whole digital media world is trying to brainwash you? Do you also get disgusted by those unwanted posts being thrown in front of your eyes, all the horrible news, bad content, problems, disasters, illnesses, world injustice etc. etc…. I try to block such news, but every now and again my friends post something like this and you just can’t avoid it completely.

Well today it was the last drop. I had to switch off. I put my phone aside and went to do my workout. I wanted to do something different than usual, so for the first time in my life I’ve tried one of Mel B’s workouts! I don’t know how this happened that I’ve never done anything by Mel B before! I’ve heard about her so many times!

I’ve chosen this one:

And I added a 10 min tabata in the end.

Well now I can honestly say that I will definitely do more of her workouts! This one was just perfect! It was tough but just on the verge of my abilities, so I felt that I was pushing harder than I normally would. OMG! My bum was on fire!!! My legs were killing me! And I seriously thought I wouldn’t make it till the end… Those ABS exercises in the end were also great! I could feel all my muscles working. I absolutely loved the whole workout ❀

Feeling great afterwards πŸ˜€ Still not taking part in that Fb and Insta life, apart from what is absolutely necessary… I need some serious restart of my brain. I need holidays!

How do you manage when you have enough? What’s your restart button?



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