Best of Portrait – “Shutterpass” 29th January 2017

This was our first studio photo shoot ever. And because we do not really own a studio, we simply used our living room for this purpose. We bought that large seamless paper backdrop, put it on top of our bookshelves, moved the sofa and the coffee table aside and set up all the lighting and that’s it! Here we are 😀

So this shoot was a challenge, especially to me as a post-shooting photo editor. I was so stressed when it came to editing those photos, cause I wanted to create something beautiful but at the same time I was afraid not to cross any borders of natural look etc… In the end I think it came out pretty cool 🙂 and the model was really happy with the result too, which is the MOST important thing!

This award came as a great reassurance too! Shutterpass Magazine has chosen one of our photos as the Best of Portrait on the 29th of January 2017. I’m only writing this now because I’ve decided to keep track of these things and have it all organised. It will be pretty nice to go back to this in a few years time and read about it from time perspective.

See LINK to Shutterpass Magazine’s post HERE.

And here’s the whole photo itself:


The whole shooting was done by both myself and my husband. I have a preference to shoot outdoors while my husband loves playing with additional light so usually he’s more active during a studio photo shoot. This photo was taken by him 🙂 I was doing the post-editing (as always). Makeup was done by a very talented MUA: Marta Markowska And the model is one of my friends who asked for this particular style of the photo shoot because she loves retro and has always dreamt of having photos of herself wearing one of those dresses back from the 20’s. It was kind of her birthday wish and I think we managed pretty well 😉

You can see the whole photo gallery of this shoot on our Facebook page: Crystal Dot Photography.


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