Monday. Nothing a good run can’t fix.

I’m tempted to say that I hate running as I always did before, but this time I won’t. I think something has changed in me yesterday because for the first time I had smile on my face while running!

I’m still not a good runner though. I have never reached 5km distance in my life. But running far is not my goal, and neither running fast is. I run when I feel like it and usually it’s the nature calling, the good weather, and that strange need to do something against my own self, to test my abilities, to tire myself out. Do you also have that sometimes?


I started running in June 2014 and my first run was only 0.74km. I did it because I was taking a course back then and our coach: Kamila Rowinska, suggested that to us as an everyday activity. I love challenges so since then I was trying very hard to run at least 1km every morning. After a while I managed to extend it to 2km, which was a real challenge to me, still! My condition was a complete disaster! But gradually it became better and better. I loved an idea of starting my day like this. Just to be clear guys, I’m that type of person who wholeheartedly absolutely hates getting up early in the morning! I LOVE to sleep. But I thought this was my weakness, and since that course was also directed in self-development, I wanted to work on that and do something against me, to challenge myself. And you know what? It worked really good! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve noticed that by getting up early in the morning and going for a 10-min run, I had much more energy for the rest of the day, I could easily quit on drinking my morning coffee, and I felt that my whole day was longer and I was better organised with everything. I’ve also noticed that but doing this one simple thing, you get that amazing feeling that you did something good for yourself, and that also boosts your positive feeling about yourself, you’re happier throughout the day, you’re more optimistic and have more power to overcome possible problems.

See? Who would have thought I could benefit so much from just a 10-minute morning run a day?! That’s absolutely brilliant!

Unfortunately I got discouraged by the worsening weather which is so common in Ireland, more and more cold and rainy days… So in general I keep coming back to running around spring/summer when days are longer and warmer (and dryer too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).


Yesterday. I came back from work, tired and stressed as always… and I felt that calling when I saw how beautiful sunset we had. It seemed like a perfect day for a run. But I was reluctant and took my time getting ready. And by the time I was ready, the sun was nearly gone… I went out the door and felt that awful chill and strong freezing cold wind, and thought “NO WAY I’m going out for a run in this freaking cold weather!”… I was already rather pissed off at myself that I didn’t get ready earlier… After a short moment of gathering second thoughts and analysing this stupid situation, I’ve changed my mind, took my headphones, played some music and quickly went out the door so that to avoid overthinking and possible moment ofย  hesitation.

And seriously, this was an amazing run! I quickly forgot about the cold and found so much strength within myself that I felt I could run even more than those 4km. And as I mentioned before I caught myself smiling while running! That was a big surprise ๐Ÿ˜€ What’s even better, I forgot about all the problems, about everything, I switched off my brain for those 20 minutes, there was only me, music and nature. Absolutely amazing therapy method if you’re stressed out or overwhelmed by too many tasks and problems. And hey! It doesn’t cost a thing. I strongly recommend it.

Look how beautiful it was on my way back โค :


So my plan now is to go back to morning jogging. I’m only waiting for the weather to warm up a little bit, cause today we have sun and hail and it’s so cold you need to wear a warm coat and gloves or you’re gonna freeze your hands out.

Oh btw I did some bum and ABS exercises afterwards cause I didn’t have enough :p And a good bit of stretching exercises too.

*Just so you know, I will never try running a marathon! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I don’t even want to run more than those 4km at the moment. I find this too exhausting for my body and my aim is to gain, not to loose (as I’m already slim enough). So this is for pure pleasure, overcoming my own boundaries and also for health reasons, getting more oxygen into my body and strengthening my overall condition.


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