1 Month Till Holidays – Just Don’t Panic!

Saturday the 13th of May – in exactly one month I’ll be lying on the beach in Lanzarote…

Those holidays are my deadline for reaching my fitness goal! And because, even though I was doing my best with all my workouts, it’s been going extremely slowly… I’ve decided that it’s high time to reevaluate everything and make some serious changes.

I feel that as regards physical activity, my workout plan was pretty good and I was exercising regularly giving the best I could out of me. So looking at my “effects” (which obviously should have been BETTER!) I got into conclusion that there has to be a different culprit that is messing with my goals. And my plan now is to kick this bastard out! And fast!

So, after a serious thought and analysis of what works for me and what doesn’t, I’ve decided that I need to implement a few drastic changes into my life. That includes:

  • at least 7h sleep / day
  • going to bed before midnight and getting up early (this is gonna be the hardest of all!)
  • limiting use of internet and social media to absolute minimum (…and this one too!)
  • regular meals, 5-6 times / day
  • healthy diet, with a special note: “do not even SMELL or touch bread – my biggest weakness (except homemade oat-bread, that one’s OK 😉 ), cookies and cakes and do not buy meals in town!” (…I’m gonna do my best!…)
  • drink 2-3l of water / day (need to set up a reminder on my phone every 15 min… )
  • no alcohol (ah… that’s gonna be tough cause I think my husband has something planned for us next weekend!)
  • exercise 5 times / week with occasional jogging in the morning (on dry days)
  • stress less
  • read a book 30min before sleep
  • no internet or social media at least 30min before sleep
  • stick to the plan!

And of course I have it all planned in the smallest details which I’m not going to share here, but as regards my workouts, the plan is:

MONDAY: morning: jogging / evening: ARMS (weights at home)

TUESDAY: morning: jogging / evening: LEGS (weights at home)


THURSDAY: morning: jogging / evening: workout by Ewa Chodakowska or Mel B

FRIDAY: morning: jogging / evening: ARMS (weights at home)

SATURDAY: afternoon: LEGS (weights at home)


*jogging depending on the weather cause I don’t want to get sick before holidays obviously…

I have also specifically designed my LEGS and ARMS workouts with weights which I would be able to do at home but which would still be quite challenging. I have also planned all my meals for the whole week. This way I don’t have to waste time on thinking what I would like to eat for dinner today and I also make sure in advance that I have all the necessary ingredients. I’m also preparing my lunch boxes the day before work. So far, it’s going OK. Weekend may not have been the best time to start… well Saturday was brilliant! But Sunday not 100%, for reasons not entirely dependable on me, but I’m compensating for that today.

I’m going to write a daily report on how I’m getting on with this plan, which is also quite motivating. I need that, I guess. I will not want to make a fool of myself in front of those who may be reading this! Besides, if my plan works, I will have a great written example with steps how to achieve my goals in future.

I haven’t written anything at the weekend because I’ve decided to have two days of “me and my family” time entirely. I used those two days well on recharging my batteries, getting as much rest as I could and just being together with my daughter and my husband which I feel we never have enough during weekdays. I’m planning to describe those two days in upcoming articles.

I already know that preparing meals and sticking to the healthy diet should not be such an issue because I’ve been doing that already. The biggest problem for me is getting up early and going to sleep early. I’m a typical night owl who has a few addictions – one of those is music! If I start listening to music in the evening (usually while editing photos), I’m lost! Seriously I don’t know how I’ll manage to force myself to STOP listening and doing whatever I was doing at a certain time and just go to bed……

I need to stay focused on my goal!

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to work on myself. I want to fight my addictions. I want to prove to myself that I’m not weak and that I can do it! Of course I want to have that flat tummy and nicely toned body with visible muscle tissue. I’m nearly there. The biggest problem is that tummy… And I know you mostly work on that in the kitchen. However in my case neither kitchen nor the gym is enough. I live under constant stress, I don’t sleep enough, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t give my body enough time to rest and recover. And if your body is under too much stress, too much cortisol is being produced which results in fat tissue being built up in your tummy area. I need to work on that. I’ve already noticed that I looked my best when I had longer breaks from work or when I was on holidays. I know I have to take it easy and listen to my body.

It’s time for a big change!


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