3/32 – Day 3 – ARM DAY

Monday – new week, fresh start. We’ll see how my new daily routine will work during weekdays…


I thought I’d go running this morning but the weather was crap, wet and windy… However, I did my afternoon workout with weights straight after coming back from work. This way I gained some more time in the afternoon.

My home ARM WORKOUT for today was:

  • Standing military press (15kg) – 3×12
  • Standing barbell curl (12.5kg) – 3×12
  • Pushups with side plank – 3×6
  • Lying dumbbell triceps extension (5kg) – 3×12
  • Standing dumbbell curl and press (5kg each) – 3×8
  • Standing kettlebell triceps extension (5kg) – 3×10

In the end a good bit of ABS exercises and stretching of course.


hehehe… my biceps looks poorly, I know. On one hand I’m happy that my arms are so slim, on the other, I wish at least it was a little bit more curly, if you know what I mean… This, apart from my ABS, is the most stubborn part of my body to change. I know I’m weak, I lift as much as I can, and it’s a very slow process… But someday maybe… Let’s be patient and just keep going! Any progress is still progress even if now it means only sustaining your current effects – at least you’re not going backwards, that is. Things will probably start to change when I’m finally back in the gym.


Meals were fine. I ate 5 meals during the day and they were all healthy, prepared by myself. I had two lunch boxes with salads at work so I wasn’t tempted to go and buy something from the shop. Unfortunately I still don’t drink enough water….. I knew this would be a big problem! Really have to try harder!


6 hours only. I went to bed at midnight yesterday… Bad girl, I know… Promise I’ll be better with this too πŸ˜‰


It works fine so far. I’ve limited my daily use of phone and internet. Actually today it was even easier because we are cut out from the Internet at home, there’s some problem with the line, so we don’t have the Internet on our laptops. Blessing in disguise? No surprise everyone went to bed early on that day πŸ˜€



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