4/32 – Day 4 – LEG DAY

A disaster day – to say it short. I’m really not happy AT ALL with this day… but days like that give me a lesson that sometimes it’s better to be flexible, remember what’s most important in our life and listen to your own body. You don’t have to stick to the plan no matter what! It’s OK to make adjustments sometimes.


No jogging today although if I knew how things go later during the day, I would have gone running in the morning… But you see, I wasn’t feeling well, I had no energy and also I thought I might go running after work if the weather gets better, or perhaps it’s better not to run today because I’m planning to do a hard leg workout with weights and I’ve read that on days like that it’s better not to do heavy cardio etc… etc… See? I’m already looking for excuses!

OK, well, I was very determined to do my leg workout after work (at least no excuses here…). But the moment I got back home and changed into my sports clothes, my daughter asked me to spend some time doing arts with her. All right, I thought, then I’ll do my workout when she goes to bed. So no running then… the weather turned out so beautiful… ahhh… OK. But you see, by the end she got ready and all, it was already after 9pm. I was getting really tired and stressed because I already knew that my plan to go to bed at 10pm will not work today. And I was seriously tired like hell (I guess that’s where this annoyance and stress came from…). BUT because I was so hooked on my training plan, I’ve decided to do my workout anyways. Bad decision… Listen to your body people. Just a little advice for future.

Here’s what we did together with my daughter, or rather what she did. A card for her auntie from Poland. She loves drawing those ponies everywhere and she’s getting better and better at this!

So yes, I DID my leg workout. I modified it a little, I squeezed it in time (did less repetitions and shorter breaks), had to skip HIIT but only did some ABS exercises in the end, managed to finish it all in 45min. I was totally wrecked. Even during the whole workout I couldn’t give my 100% because I was feeling weak and tired… After that I had to take a shower, eat something and prepare lunchboxes for the next day, and as a result of all that, I managed to get ready for bed really late, at 0:30 (!) So it all went like an avalanche, one as a consequence of the other…

My home LEG WORKOUT for today:

  • Squats with weights (I increased the weight from 32.5 to 35kg) – 3×10
  • Bench (or in my case – chair) hip raises with weights (22.5kg) – 3×10
  • Kettlebell swing – 3×15
  • Fire hydrant extension with ankle weights (0.5kg) – 3×15
  • Lying side kicks with ankle weights (0.5kg) – 3×15

ABS exercises and stretching in the end.

I managed to take a photo before the workout, when it was still bright (I already look like I could do with some sleep :p ):



Meals OK, 5 times a day, all healthy, lunchboxes prepared, so here’s fine, but not enough water. I keep forgetting about this damned thing!


Great! I slept 7 hours, which is a huge success in my case.


Bad, bad, bad! Too much time spent on Internet on my phone and I couldn’t read a book before sleep because it was already too late…..

I know now that I should have skipped my workout. This way I would have failed only one point of my plan. By sticking to it so stubbornly, I not only tired my body off, bu I’ve failed another two points: going to bed early, and reading a book before sleep. I forgot about my main fitness goal today: make sure you give your body enough rest so it isn’t under constant stress.

See, sometimes life presents you a different plan. I know I should have listened to my body and just this time make Tuesday a rest day instead of Wednesday. But, lesson taken. I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice.



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