5/32 – Day 5 – REST DAY (nap time)

Do you remember my words yesterday about listening to your own body? Well… here we go, I learn the lesson – this morning I woke up with a massive headache… which I was fighting for about half a day. I took a painkiller, drank loads of water, drank my XShot and took a nap, and it finally let go… at about 5pm…

It was a beautiful day and it’s a pity I wasn’t feeling well, but at least I managed to go for a short walk in the sun during lunch time. Very unusual to be so warm in Ireland and I can’t get enough of this sun!

Dublin’s Government Buildings

I was hoping for some book-time in the garden after coming back from work, but it started raining… (surprise surprise…) so instead I took a nap. I could finally REST (YES!) even though I’m not sure if I managed to actually fall asleep because of that shot I took beforehand (it contains different plant extracts, vitamins, zinc, magnesium and caffeine, and many other valuable nutrients, which you can read about in details HERE). I was aware of my daughter playing and the TV was on, but rest is rest and it worked – so it counts 😉

When I woke up (or rather “got up from the sofa”), I felt like a newborn! Bursting with energy I was all over the place working like a little bee mostly in the kitchen, which is a rare view in my case… But apart from making the dinner, I also baked my favourite fit bread and prepared vegetable burgers for tomorrow’s lunch (it was the first time I made them and they’re absolutely delicious! I’ll give you the recipe in my next post).

Here’s the recipe for Fit Bread:

  • 300g oat flakes (or mix oat flakes with millet flakes and some oat or millet flour – like I did this time)
  • 500g natural yoghurt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 spoon honey
  • 1 cup different seeds and nuts (I used sunflower seeds, linseeds, black seeds and chopped almonds)

Mix everything together and bake for 50min in 170 degrees Celsius.



As regards MEALS, SLEEP, INTERNET and BOOK, it seems that I managed pretty well today. I had 5 healthy meals, slept for 6 hours (well, that couldn’t have been helped… but I made up for this with my nap, I hope), did my best not to spend too much time on my phone (still no Internet at home so it helps a little), and I read a book for about 15min before sleep. Managed to go to bed before midnight. Quite late… ahh it’s all because of that cooking… Still I felt energetic and rested so it was fine. A good rest day, I must say!





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