6/32 – Day 6 – ARM DAY

Today I’m gonna go straight to the point!


It was such a beautiful and warm day that it would have been sin to stay at home and do nothing. So this morning I went for a short run. Only 2.70km – My limit is 4km, but in the morning I usually don’t have time or strength for more… It’s still enough to wake me up and boost my energy level for the whole day.

When I came back from work I did my home arm workout with weights. And today it was:

  • Standing military press (17.5kg – weight increased from 15kg) – 3×8
  • Standing kettlebell triceps extension (5kg) – 3×10
  • Standing lateral rises (1kg in each hand) – 3×15
  • Standing barbell curl (12.5kg) – 3×12
  • Standing dumbbell curl and press (5kg in each hand) – 3×10

I finished this up with tabata and stretching.


Pretty good today, 5 healthy meals, no cheating. I think I drank over 2l of water. Could be better but it’s a little progress compared to the previous days…

In my next post I’m going to give you a recipe for those green veggies & almond burgers. I had them for lunch and dinner today – delicious! If you like almond you should love them cause this is the strongest flavour you feel in them. I’m totally addicted to almond.


Good. I slept 6.5h + I had half an hour nap during the day.


I did my best not to spend too much time on my phone and internet but I didn’t manage to read a book before bedtime cause I was already too sleepy and just wanted to close my eyes as soon as possible.

My happy face before afternoon workout πŸ™‚

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