7/32 – Day 7 – RUN & REST

I took a break for the weekend with posting my updates, so here is the missing first one from Friday.


Friday was supposed to be an active day but my muscles felt quite weak so I’ve decided to make it a rest day and do a proper training on Saturday. I only went out for a run in the morning because the weather was absolutely beautiful and I felt like running. However, I’m seriously considering moving my morning run routine to AFTER workout. I’ve noticed that running on an empty stomach is not really good for me. I can’t go past 2.5km, I just have no energy. And if I wanted to eat before running, I’d have to get up at 5am. That means if I wanted to have enough sleep, I’d have to go to bed at 22:00 (the latest) – which I know for sure that is impossible. Besides, I’m not sure if running on an empty stomach is healthy. I’m already quite skinny, I’m not planning to loose any weight and I definitely don’t want to loose the muscles which started appearing some time ago. Well… it looks like it’s been decided. Morning run becomes “post-workout run” – as much as I manage of course.


I must say that I’m getting better in drinking water! Yay!!! I’ve drank 2.5l of water today which is a huge success compared to the previous days. As regards food, I stick to my healthy diet, no cheating, eating 5 times a day, all meals prepared personally. And I’m feeling great!


I think I slept enough. I’m really trying to go to bed before midnight and take naps during the day. Besides on Saturdays and Sundays I can sleep longer so weekends are good for recharging batteries.


Not really good unfortunately. There was too much going on which kept me stuck to my phone and social media… Not happy about it at all. Book didn’t work today either. Well, not the best day because of that, I was feeling mentally tired, but I’m gonna work on that for sure!


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