8/32 – Day 8 – FULL BODY (and a night out)


As I promised to myself, today I did a full-body workout with a special emphasis on legs, bum, ABS, and the core in general. It was a tough and tiring workout on a mat with some cardio in between so in the end I was literally dying!

I did the latest programme by Ewa Chodakowska, called “Hot Body”, which I fell in love with lately, and after a short break to catch my breath and regain some strength I also did a 10 min ABS workout by Mel B.

I think my sweaty face and my mat after all of that speak for themselves…


Still doing good with my healthy diet and drinking water. Additionally, because today my husband took me out and I thought it’s a good moment for a cheat “meal” 😉 , I’ve decided to spoil myself a little and I had two glasses of white wine. It was a great time spent together. I went to bed very hungry but it was already extremely late when we got back home and the only thing I could think of was sleep…

My party look here 😉



Friday/Saturday of course! Yes, I had enough, I think I slept for about 8 hours. I also had a short nap during the day so lots of rest.


hmm… it was a rather lazy day so I kept checking my phone… I think I should hide it somewhere or set up a timer or something, otherwise my addiction will eat me alive! Book? I brought it down to the living room thinking I could read some during the day, but never even opened it. I’m being honest. Sometimes it’s much easier when you’re busy than when you have too much free time… cause this is exactly the moment when you need to seriously work on yourself and tell yourself to “stop” when you notice that you’re crossing the line. Well… point taken, lesson learnt, will keep working on that.



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