9/32 – Day 9 – REST DAY (and my precious vit C)

A proper rest day, as it should be on Sunday. Time spent with family. We didn’t even go anywhere, partly because the weather was a mixture of sun and rain, and partly because after last night we just wanted to chill and relax. I had no hangover whatsoever, felt great when I woke up, however, I was kind of weak. Looks like I’ve used up all my energy reservoirs during last night dancing but that’s perfectly fine. I knew I would have a rest day the next day so I took advantage of that.


Meals OK. I’m not cheating, I’m still eating healthy preparing my own meals, so here’s OK. Water? Judging by the amount of water I’ve lost last night, I should have been drinking gallons of water today, but actually I think I drank only a little bit over 2l overall so I’m not very proud of myself because of that…

I started my day with a good dose of natural vitamin C (hence the featured image  above). I actually haven’t mentioned that before, but I have a few natural supplements which I take every day, morning and evening. Vitamin C is among them and I never forget about it. I’m very cautious when choosing dietary supplements, they have to be lyophilisates, so in a powder form, either in sachets or in capsules. They also need to be all natural because I don’t treat those as medications but as food supplementation. Colway and Colway International have those in their offer and I trust their quality. I’ve been using their products for over 5 years and I see huge benefits they brought to my organism, that’s why I’m loyal to them and I have no need to look elsewhere. I don’t want to write an essay about benefits of vitamin C today, I think most of us already know how important it is for us, however if you live in the European Union and are looking for a really good vitamin C, you might want to have a look at their website here: Vitamin C with Collagen and read some details about this product.

Natural Vitamin C

Why have I mentioned this? Well… when you had a few glasses of wine the day before and you’re dying with a hangover, this should be your first aid, or even if you just had a very tough workout, by taking vitamin C you might speed up the recovery process. Besides, vitamin C is crucial in collagen production (and collagen is a protein, hope you know about it), so by having your diet enriched with vitamin C, you make sure that the structure of collagen helices is formed correctly. That is why it is so important for physically active people. It’s not only your immunity factor, but also proper protein formation, and beauty.


Speaking of beauty… SLEEP is equally important. Unfortunately today I did not have enough of that. I had about 6h sleep after the party, and I was really hoping for a nap during the day, but for different reasons it didn’t work. Because of that by 8pm I already felt like a mombie (“mom + zombie” mix)… and I probably looked like one… so hmm… I’m sure even a high dose of vitamin C didn’t help much here tonight, but tomorrow is going to be better, when I sleep enough and wake up like a new god! I’m sure!


I’ve tried to limit that, but failed yet again. Can someone please kick my butt for sabotaging my whole new plan??? Argh…. those feckin weekends seem really difficult in that case. I need to leave my phone in my bedroom and carry a book instead! Deal!


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