10/32 – Day 10 – ARM DAY


I did my workout with weights at home. I bought myself a new set of small weights, which I was missing for my ABS exercises and lateral rises etc… so I had a chance to test them. That is actually a great method for a fresh dose of motivation, don’t you think? Well… that only works every now and again so don’t spend a fortune buying new stuff before every workout :p

My ARM WORKOUT for today:

  • Standing military press (17.5kg) – 3×8
  • Standing barbell curl (12.5kg) – 4×10 (next time I need to increase weight, cause I feel I’m actually getting stronger at this)
  • Bent over lateral rises (2kg each hand) – 3×12 (with a pause at the top to make it more demanding, cause my new 2kg weights didn’t seem heavy enough)
  • Standing front rises (2kg each hand) – 3×12 (same as above)
  • Standing triceps extension with kettlebell (5kg) – 3×12 (again, I think it’s time to increase weight, or perhaps I had a better day?…)
  • Standing dumbbell curl and press (5kg each hand) – 3×10
  • Lying dumbbell pullover (5kg) – 3×12

I also did a 30min HIIT cardio ABS in the end. The one from the video below:

And a good bit of stretching.

I think I had a really good day, even though it didn’t seem like that at first. After that Saturday night out, I have a bit of a sore throat and I feel quite weak, and there, such a surprise with this workout! hmmm… well, my legs on the other hand feel like puddings! They hurt like hell when I squat. I wonder where has that come from??? And tomorrow is a leg day so I’m gonna have some real fun…



Meals – great, 5 meals a day, all healthy, no cheating, no sugar etc… Water – 2l today.


6.5h. I was hoping for a nap during the day but couldn’t find time for that.


Not too bad with the internet, however I had no time for reading. I was planning to read before sleep but ended up so sleepy that it was better to go straight to bed than wait another 30 min reading…


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