11/32 – Day 11 – LEG DAY

Ahhh I’m so busy I usually don’t even open my laptop when I’m home… So I’m trying to make up for the missing days now. I don’t really want to flood you with my posts so I’ll do my best to be more organised and keep track of my progress daily.


It was a leg day but I didn’t want to do weights this time. I felt like doing more cardio too as I’m really trying to work on my tummy most of all. I also wanted to introduce some variety and do something new. You know, after a while your muscles get used to certain exercises when you keep doing the same thing over and over again, so it’s good to change your workout every few weeks.

I’ve found this one from Fitness Blender:

To make it a bit more demanding I did it with weights, but to be honest, it wasn’t as tough as I would expect it to be. When I was done with it, I still felt I could do more, so I added some ABS, cardio and extra squats with kettlebells and lunges. And that was just was I was missing.

My sweaty face after the whole workout


I stick to my plan and keep a healthy diet with 5-6 meals a day. And to be honest, I think I’m used to it already, I don’t even have any cravings, which is great! I drink about 2l of water. I brought a 750ml bottle of water to work and I have it at hand. It’s the best solution if you have problems with drinking enough water. I’ve noticed that when the bottle is right next to me on my desk, I keep reaching for it every time I pause to think about something or when I finish some task. So I drank nearly 2 full bottles at work, and then some at home as well. Great! I’m getting better at this!

Here’s my dinner:


  • steamed salmon with lemon pepper
  • quinoa
  • salad and red peppers with natural yoghurt
  • a little bit of sesame oil

Quick and easy and most of all – healthy and delicious!


6.5h. Not enough, I was really sleepy the next day. The weather is gorgeous recently, but the air pressure is low so it makes things a bit worse, however I absolutely LOVE when it’s warm or even hot, so I’m taking advantage of the sun as much as I can. No wasting the beautiful day on naps then šŸ˜‰


It was OK. I limited use of Internet and phone and managed to read for 15 min before going to bed.

So, 1/3 of my summer body preparation is over! I need to take measurements and see if there’s any progress. I’m really happy that I stick to healthy diet and I workout regularly. Fingers crossed for the following weeks! Getting closer and closer šŸ˜€



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