12/32 – Day 12 – REST DAY (charging my batteries)

What a fantastic day!!! So hot! So beautiful! And so amazing!

Ireland has been hit by a heat wave and we’re having an absolutely perfect weather recently. About 23 degrees Celsius and clear sky, some light breeze and overall it literally feels like back at home in Poland during summer. Ahh… memories… this weather gets me sentimental… I’ve been living in Ireland for over 10 years now and I keep wondering how I cope with this constant cold weather. I just love heat too much! ā¤

What can I say? I had a lovely walk along the canal together with my daughter. I really love that place! It’s on the suburbs of Dublin and it’s so green, peaceful and quiet. I remember when my daughter was a baby, I used to walk that path every day, it was so relaxing. Now she’s getting bigger and bigger and look! Every time she poses she makes that “duck face” (so I did as well šŸ˜‰ ). Where did she take that from? I wonder…


Ahhh… I love her to bits! ā¤

Later that day I managed to find some time for sunbathing and reading a book in my garden. I could finally work on my non-existent tan! yay!!! šŸ˜€ It’s really great that I can get some colour and perhaps make my skin used to the sun before I go on holidays. My little garden faces the south and there’s always that unique micro-climate, it’s always warmer there than everywhere else, so you can imagine me roasting there like a toasted cheeser! But I love it and I was missing it sooo much. Just a little prelude before the actual beach holidays – how lovely!

Catching some colour before going on hols…

Have to thank my hubby for this photo, he managed to make my legs look soo long!!! Great photographer!

And that brick on the table is the book I’m reading – book 14 of “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. The last part of the whole series. Still 2/3 left and I cherish every moment of reading that amazing story.


Meals fine, except for one thing. My daughter has a multi-cultural day at school tomorrow so I had to bake something, and taste it (of course). I made a yogurt cake, for the first time, but now I was using my latest life-saver multi functional miraculous cooking robot – Thermomix. So it should be great! But my fecking oven spoilt it all……. It failed me yet another time, so I said it now, I’m not going to bake anything until we get a new oven as it drives my nuts!!! Well, at least I’m safe with this one temptation and won’t be cheating by eating cakes every second day…

As regards water, I drank about 2l. Not enough because of the heat and me sweating while sunbathing…


6.5h again and by the end of the day I was soooo sleepy! I need more!


I didn’t use Internet much because I spent lots of time on the move, besides I was either busy or relaxing in the sun where it’s nearly impossible to see anything on the screen anyway. And I also managed to read quite a lot. Feeling very happy about it.

I wish I had more days like this. It was perfect! ā¤



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