13/32 – Day 13 – FULL-BODY WORKOUT


I’m deep in thoughts… Something is not right. I’ve been eating healthy for the past 13 days. My only sin was the two glasses of wine on Saturday. No sweet stuff, no cheating, I was trying very hard to stick to my rules. But I’ve noticed that almost after every meal I feel a discomfort in my tummy. I thought it was corn so I stopped eating that, I’ve also limited diary, now eating only lactose-free cheese, but I’m still eating natural yoghurt and I’m wondering… Anyway, it wasn’t that bad until I had my dinner today:


  • baked sweet potato fries with rosemary, lemon juice and sesame oil
  • two eggs fried on coconut oil
  • green salad and peppers with natural yoghurt

Never thought there could be something wrong with this dish. I’ve eaten this thing so many times, but this time I got a terrible tummy ache after about an hour from having eaten my dinner, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do my workout. Only after I took some pills the pain eased out.

I’m going to be more cautious with food from now on, and also I have to buy this little baby:


Apple Cider Vinegar. I used to drink that every morning but it’s finished some time ago and I keep forgetting to get a new bottle. I’m suspecting that because I eat so much proteins I need to make sure my stomach has correct acidity level. It might be the reason why I get that discomfort.

It’s enough to drink just one spoon of this vinegar diluted in 1/4 cup of water 15 min before your meal and it restores proper acidity in your tummy. This way proteins are being digested easier – shortly speaking. Just make sure that it’s organic and it’s in a glass bottle when you’re buying this. I got mine from a health shop: Holland & Barrett.


So… when I had the tummy problem settled, I could finally do my workout! It was quite late already but I’ve been in my sports clothes for the past 2 hours and was really hoping to give myself a good sweat. I’ve chosen one of the toughest workouts that I’ve ever done so far: Killer by Ewa Chodakowska.

Honestly, by the middle of this workout, I though I was gonna die!!!! Sweating like a pig in sauna! And my legs!!! (what the f… is wrong with my legs recently… too much workout or what? hmm…) In the third round during cardio, my legs were giving up on me, they were like puddings, I felt like I was running on nearly dead batteries! That’s terrible, I have a leg day scheduled in two days… But I did it – somehow! And I was really proud of myself 😀

Covered in sweat and nearly dead, but satisfied!

I love this workout! It’s great for legs, bums and ABS, everything, but especially those parts. I always do it when I want to test my limits.


I had 6.5h sleep and no, it wasn’t enough, but the day was so beautiful and hot that I didn’t want to loose a single moment.


I think I’m getting better at this. Not too much social media, especially Facebook which has been brainwashing me lately. I do my best to use it as little as possible. As regards book, I was to sleepy and decided to go straight to bed without reading tonight.

Ahh… I can tell you one thing: if Ireland was so warm and sunny most of the year, it would be a wonderful place to live. It’s amazing how we need the sun in this country, how I need this! On days like that I feel happier and more energetic and I enjoy every moment. Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing in this country… I was born to live on a tropical island…


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