14/32 – Day 14 – ARM DAY

26th May is a very special date in Poland – it’s Mother’s Day! And I can honestly say that this was one of the best days ever! The weather was amazing, it was probably the warmest day in Ireland so far, I had lots of rest, including sunbathing in the garden together with my daughter, and later a bottle of our favourite Czech beer together with my husband. We just had to celebrate that. There’s soooo few days like that in Ireland. Those who live here – understand what I’m saying ๐Ÿ˜‰


I did my arm workout at home, which was basically the same as the last one from Monday. I thought I would increase weights but I felt kind of weak so just went with the same ones as last time.

I finished that with my own tabata workout, but only 4 rounds of 20sec cardio, legs and ABS exercises with 10sec break in between.


I’m still eating regularly 5 times a day and I drink about 2l of water. After yesterday’s stomach problems I’ve decided to take it easy and observe myself. I had a scone this morning and that bottle of beer in the evening, but actually I had no stomach pain all day whatsoever… This is still very confusing to me…

What’s even a biggest mystery is that my weight goes UP! I’ve kept my weight at the same level for like “forever” (!), generally no matter what I did, hard workout, different food, my weight stayed at 50kg, sometimes 49, sometimes 51… BUT last night it showed 52.8!?!?!? I was in pure shock! I haven’t seen myself weighing that much for a few years!!! OMG!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m actually happy, because my goal is to reach 54kg (eventually… I was rather planning to start gaining mass AFTER my holidays, not BEFORE…), so that means something is happening, however it seems really strange to me that it started happening when I increased the intensity and frequency of my workout, introduced more cardio and healthy diet with a reduced amount of carbs! I really hope this is muscle tissue and not extra fat! hahahaha We’ll see what next week brings.


6.5h sleep as lately. Sleepy in the afternoon but I couldn’t have a nap, no! I was enjoying the weather too much.


It could be better but it’s still better than before I started my new daily regime. But I’m really happy that I could read some of my favourite book in the garden.

So that’s it. My best Mother’s Day ever! I got what I could only dream of – beautiful hot sunny day (in Ireland!!!) – the chances of that happening in this country and on that special day are close to winning a lotto… I spent some time with people I love – my daughter and my husband. I did my workout, so I felt good that I did something beneficial to myself, and I had loads of rest! I wouldn’t like anything else. This was just PERFECT โค




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