15/32 – Day 15 – LEG DAY (& night out)


I wanted to change something so I’ve decided to look for some nice leg workout on youtube. Still I did 3 sets of squats, for which I have increased weight (from 32.5kg to 37.5kg). I wonder how much weight my chairs can hold! Do you also have this problem when you try to do your weights workout at home but you don’t really have a gym there so you have to be creative? hmm…


And after that I did this:


It seemed easy at the beginning especially because I was doing those exercises with 5kg kettlebells, but the last two have totally nailed it!

In the evening my husband took me out so I had some more workout on the dance floor! I begin to regret doing that leg workout earlier… I was totally wrecked by the time we were back at home…


I was a bit less strict about my diet today. I’m still not eating any artificial and sweet stuff but I had a bit more carbs than I normally do during the week. As regards water, I haven’t really counted but judging by the amount of bottles I’d say it was not enough, something close to 2l. I should try harder! I also had 2 glasses of wine 😉


I had enough sleep. It’s Saturday, I didn’t have to wake up too early. I had about 9h sleep.


Not too bad although I know it would have been much better if the weather didn’t turn out so crappy! We had a photo shoot planned for today but it was lashing for nearly all day so we had no choice but to cancel it and do it some other time…

I did not read today.

My sweaty face after today’s workout

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