16/32 – Day 16 – REST DAY

Sunday was a rest day and I was really glad about that because I know for sure that I have crossed the line with my workout on Saturday. Knowing we were going out, I shouldn’t have done my leg workout. I was literally dying the next day, I had no energy whatsoever and I felt under the weather. So I was very glad that I had no plans and I could spend that day resting, sitting in my garden, reading a book and just enjoying my day off.

Reading the last book of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Tme” series

So as regards sleep… well I didn’t have enough, obviously, although I had a nap later during the day which in fact didn’t make much difference; I was still totally wrecked… And as for drinking water and eating, I was drinking loads of water trying to bring balance back to my body. With food it wasn’t that easy. Well… I’m still not eating any cakes, cookies and sweet stuff (ehm… sorry, no, I treated myself to an ice-cream while enjoying that warm afternoon in the garden), but I wasn’t very consistent in terms of regularity and overall quality of my meals. I think it’s because I was feeling low and just didn’t care that much… I know I did that to myself. Big mistake – that Saturday! But there’s more…

That day and the previous one taught me a big lesson for the future. I also feel that after those 2 weeks I don’t really have desirable effects and I’m considering some serious changes in my routine. I’ve been looking for the reason WHY and I think I’ve found it. I’ll write a separate post about that later on.

I’m still happy about Sunday in general. I love it when it’s warm outside, when I can sit in the garden and enjoy my free time. There’s only another 16 days left till my holidays! I can’t wait πŸ˜€



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