17/32 – Day 17 – HALFWAY THROUGH (reflections)

Only 16 days left till my holidays and it’s time for re-evaluation of my progress and some reflections and changes.

Probably not the best moment for this because I’m still experiencing the effects of Saturday extreme workout and a sleepless night, still wrecked and feeling low… and as an addition to all this I couldn’t zip my trousers on Monday morning!!! (WTF!!!!!) That raised an alarm in my head and I nearly gave up. Very bad day, very bad…

So look, here’s a throwback:

I’ve been working mostly on loosing my tummy, at the same time I wanted to sustain the muscles which my body started to reveal some time ago (just a little, but still, I’m proud of what I have). Overall effects which I have are the result of 3 years hard work with two periods of break, the longest one lasted for 4 months from September – December 2016 when I was desperately fighting one illness after another and later kicking myself to start over my workouts. So since January this year I’ve had frequent workouts; mostly 3-4 times a week (weights and very occasional cardio), and for the last two weeks – 5 times a week (weights + cardio afterwards, or only cardio). You can see my plan for the past 2 weeks HERE. Additionally I’ve been very strict about my meals (especially the last 2 weeks); I made sure they were all prepared by myself and they were healthy. I had 3 protein-fat meals during the day and 2 protein-carb meals in the afternoon, so around my workout time and before sleep. Loads of vegetables, greens, seeds, no gluten, very little dairy (lactose-free only), proteins, healthy carbs, healthy oils ets… All my meals were not too large, I wasn’t feeling too full after them but I wasn’t hungry either, so I felt I was eating just enough.

However, I still couldn’t see any progress. All my measurements stayed the same. Until yesterday when I’ve noticed I was terribly bloated and my weight went up to nearly 53kg! (that’s not much, I know but I was at max 50kg for the last few years, so this was shocking to me!) Yes, I know, I had a night out on Saturday, I was wrecked and that’s how my body was saying “thank you for destroying all your efforts so far”, my bad, all right. However, truth is that for the past 2 weeks, I haven’t noticed a slight improvement in my body whatsoever! Instead I had tummy aches nearly after every meal, I was bloated most of the time and tired… So that made me think and I’ve decided to do some google check (with hope someone else had a similar problem as me).

And I’ve found it! It all started to make sense. I was simply overtrained!

My symptoms were:

  • gaining weight and becoming fatter instead of loosing
  • no progress
  • feeling weaker during workouts than before
  • feeling tired and low
  • beginning to feel sick (I had a sore throat all last week, fighting it with high doses of vit C helped to keep it from worsening)
  • muscle soreness which lasted constantly for a few days, and muscle weakness all the time

Logically thinking after having more cardio than before and eating healthy with a little bit less carbs I should have started loosing some of my body fat! That did not happen. Instead I gained even more of body fat in my tummy. I can’t even describe how it made me feel! I was totally devastated. That was a hard lesson to me. So yesterday I’ve decided to just rest, sleep and literally do absolutely feckin nothing! I needed to recover, I needed to get rid of that extra water which has most probably been retained in my body, I needed to let my muscles recover at last (I had terrible muscle pain in my bum and thighs after my Saturday leg day). I drank loads of water and took a bath with some epsom salts.

And now it’s time to make some changes. This is what I’ve decided:

  • I need to workout less often to give my body enough time for recovery: 3-4 times a week.
  • I’m skipping weights for this time, concentrating only on cardio and some pilates exercises until my holidays.
  • No changes with my diet, I think it’s important to eat healthy, however I will increase the intake of carbs after tougher workouts.
  • I need to be very consistent about my supplementation. My husband convinced me to start taking innulin instead of my symbiotics so we’ll see…
  • Sleep at least 8h/day. I really need A LOT of sleep. 6.5h or 7h apparently is NOT enough in my case. That’s gonna be extremely hard cause my daughter goes to bed at around 9pm, and I’ll have to go to bed at 10pm in order to be able to get up fresh at 6am and get ready for work… That means I’ll have to squeeze everything before she goes to sleep. Really curious how it’s gonna work.
  • I need to let go. Whatever happens, happens. If I don’t achieve desirable effects, if my tummy is not flat in two weeks time (which most probably it won’t, of course), that’s not the end of the world! I think it’s important to accept yourself the way you are. Set your goals, work for them, but at the same time don’t freak out when something doesn’t go the way you wanted. Peace of mind, patience and acceptance of your body is equally important as your physical effort for achieving your goals. My husband helped me to understand that yesterday. I think I should listen to him more often!
  • I will still post my daily reports here. I know it may be too much and perhaps too often, however I do it for my own record, for the future so I hope you understand. Once I finish my preparation for holidays, I’ll have some other, more interesting stuff to publish here as well. I’m pretty sure my holidays will be full of amazing memories so I can’t wait for sharing that with you.

Hope it all goes well and I’ll finally start noticing some progress. I was extremely tired and quite depressed yesterday, but after a lot of time reading a book, resting and a hot bath PLUS enough sleep, I woke up full of energy and determination, so let’s adjust the crown and keep fighting!



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