18/32 – Day 18 – REST DAY

I had workout planned for today. I woke up rested and full of energy, happy and optimistic. After yesterday’s rest and an epsom salts bath my muscle pain was gone which actually was a big surprise to me. It never went away so quickly before (!). Anyway… because I felt so much better I really wanted to do some light cardio today, only 30-40 min workout in order to keep my condition up and not to kill myself again.

But life has its own scenario…

I came back from work, it was a lovely hot afternoon, so I’ve decided to make use of it and spent some time sunbathing and reading in the garden.


Then I’ve changed into my sports clothes and thought, OK, I’ll make dinner and after an hour or so, I’ll do my workout. And it would have worked perfectly, only we had our dinner at 7pm. I couldn’t do my workout straight away cause I don’t see it’s a good idea to do it on a full stomach. So I waited about an hour trying to rush my daughter to bed. But who has kids, he knows… life’s not that simple with kids… they have their own perception of time, they don’t hurry, they do whatever it takes, play all those little tricks in order to postpone bed time as much as possible… so, by the time she had her supper and got ready it was already after 9pm.

I opened my laptop, found the workout I wanted to do and… I gave up. I literally lost all my power as if somebody had switched it off! My eyes were so heavy I could hardly keep them open. I felt extremely tired as if I hadn’t slept last night at all (!?) And what was shocking most was the fact that it hit me in an instant! I was perfectly fine all the time until that moment! Weird… very weird…

So I shut my laptop, went down to the kitchen, prepared a quick lunch box for the next day, half aware what I was doing…, took all my vitamins and supplements, and went up straight to bed.

That’s it.

That’s the end of my plans for Tuesday workout. I see I need a little bit more time to regenerate. I will give it some more time, although I feel like I’m missing something…

Have you ever experienced something like that?

I read very interesting quote today which I think is extremely important to remember:


Note taken.



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