19/32 – Day 19 – FULL BODY


At last! I could do my workout! My determination was high and I was excited, also because I wanted to do something totally new. I’ve found one of Jillian Michael’s workouts with weights and I thought that would be just perfect. I think she’s absolutely brilliant!

Here’s the workout I did:

Does it seem easy? Perhaps. Is it easy? Noooo… I assure you this workout will squeeze you like a wet towel through the wringer! At least that’s what I looked like afterwards. I was hoping to do a light cardio, but got this instead. As light as it seems… it is not. At least not for me after my latest problems with overtraining and stuff…

I did most of it with my 2kg hand weights and for some exercises I used my 5kg kettlebells. Quite enough, cause by the end of the whole workout I felt my legs were getting weaker and I was panting like crazy. I was very proud of myself and I totally fell in love with this workout. I’m planning to do it more often and definitely try the other ones too.



I’ll be honest with you, I think I’m having some kind of breakdown after last weekend. I’m not as determined to stick to my plan as I was in the beginning. I was expecting it to work and I got disappointed. Instead of loosing I gained a few cm in my tummy even though I was eating healthy, regularly and with reduced amount of carbs. At this stage I don’t know what to do. I also have only 2 weeks left till holidays and I’m not really expecting a miracle to happen, so I don’t go crazy about food. I’m still preparing healthy lunch boxes for work, I drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning, I drink apple cider vinegar with water, plenty of greens etc… But yesterday I had a slice of cake at work cause one of my colleagues had her birthday and I thought it would be very rude to say “no”… (besides… it was with white chocolate and raspberries!!!!! OMG ❀ )

Thank God it’s a little bit better with water though. I try to drink 3-4 750ml bottles of water every day.


I had 7 hours sleep. My plan was to go to bed at 22:00 and it would have worked if only my sister-in-law, who lives with us, hadn’t reminded me that I had two packs of Mascarpone sitting in the fridge which expiry date was till NOW. I bought them a few weeks ago planning to make Tiramisu but the fridge has always been so packed that I had no room to leave it for those few hours required after preparation… So there you go, change of plans… I prepared Tiramisu (I might even have a slice tomorrow cause this is the only dessert I would never ever be able to deny myself (I know, I’m hopeless, bye bye flat tummy…). Then I prepared a lunchbox for the next day and found out it was already 11pm… I was totally wrecked and not happy at all that yet again I was going to bed too late… ehhh… as you see sometimes planning is completely useless…

Now here’s a crazy thing: my husband recently bought himself one of those special wrist watches which measures your heartbeat and some other stuff. Something like a Fitbit but from a different company. Pretty cool as it also monitors your sleep. And last night my husband put it on my wrist cause he wanted to check how I sleep. hmmm… Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to find out this morning that half of the time my sleep is extremely light! This is probably why I’m usually so wrecked anyway! Have a look:


I think it’s a pretty cool little thing! I’m waiting for mine which we’ve ordered from Xiaomi. Hope I’ll get that this year cause it’s coming from China and tracking says it’s somewhere between Ireland and Taiwan hahahaha…… I’m being patient….


Internet and phone use limited as much as I could. Facebook drives me mad recently so I’m not even tempted to check that app, it won’t let me publish into groups I’m a member of, so I’ve decided that yeah! that’s actually great, cause it will help me stay away from Fb for some time and perhaps I will sort out my social media addiction much easier. Thank you Facebook πŸ˜€

Pity that I had no time to read a book today. I was too tired before bed time.



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