June Goals

This is going to be my first post about goals for the upcoming month so I have nothing to compare them with really. However I’m a rather well organised person who likes to have everything in order and I have my plans and goals written down in my diary together with all the steps how to achieve it and what I still need in order to get where I want to get. Every now and again I re-evaluate things, I analyse what went good, what went wrong, and I try to find a better solution if need be. Just have a look at my fitness preparation for holidays HERE and HERE and that should give you a better picture.

Now, new month, new challenges and new possibilities to become a better version of myself. There’s only less than 2 weeks of work left for me this month, and the rest is holiday time! So actually there’s not much I can concentrate on because all I need this month is rest, peace and quiet, lots of sun, sand, waves, heat, no worries and total chillout with the two people I love – my husband and my daughter.

But here’s my goals for this month anyway:

  • Workout 3-4 times a week (might be difficult during holidays but I’ll try to be active at least).
  • Sleep at least 8h a day (still a big challenge but should be no problem while on hols).
  • Get up at 6am during weekdays (while working!) and have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast! On holidays, I will sleep as long as I want to :p
  • Continue eating as healthy as possible (I’m going on holidays in 2 weeks time and I’m giving myself a dispensation for that time of course).
  • Read at least 15min/day everyday before sleep (my book has 900 pages, I’m at 300 at the moment… it will take a good while before I finish reading it).
  • Finish editing photos from the recent photo shoots (really hoping to do it before going on hols).
  • Rest as much as possible (having naps, not taking too much extra duties).
  • Enjoying myself to the fullest during my 2-weeks holidays (no drama and mommy’s overprotection…).
  • Keep a record of my fitness plan daily until my holidays start, and then post on my blog only 2-3 times a week.

I think that would be all for now. I’m not being too demanding this month 😉



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