20/32 – Day 20 – REST DAY (International Children’s Day)

1st of June already! I can’t believe it!!! I’ve been waiting for this month for so long. June already feels like summer and holidays and it’s the best part of the whole year, to me (I love summer so much).

And you should see my daughter yesterday when I told her it was Children’s Day and that we were going out to a restaurant for a cake with ice-cream. She got so excited that she started jumping and laughing in happiness! We don’t go out together too often so whenever an occasion occurs it is treated like a big celebration, and she absolutely loves going to restaurants and cafes.

So she chose the table because she didn’t really like the one that has been reserved for us… then she placed her own order (of which she ate only a few bites – of course… ), then she went by herself to ask for a dessert menu (SO proud of her! ❤ ) and ordered her own dessert. We didn’t order any which was very wise cause she ate all the cream, a few bites of ice-cream and a few of that carrot cake and she said she was already oversweetened … so we gladly finished it together with my husband.

In the end she got such a sugar frenzy that we had to leave home before I’d start apologising everyone.

It was a great time spent together and most importantly my daughter loved it! We couldn’t organise anything else cause we both work most of the time, and I don’t believe in buying yet another useless toy just for the sake of it, so this seemed like a perfect solution – quality time spent together with family. She thanked us for this and said it was her best day ever! Well she always says that when something exciting happens in her life 😉 but it’s always nice to hear it again. I love her to bits ❤

Happy family ❤

Sadly Children’s Day is not celebrated in Ireland, but because we are Polish we remember our Polish calendar and traditions.

How did you spend that day? Did you treat yourself to something nice?

(*featured photo of my daughter was taken by myself about a year ago while we were on one of the most beautiful Irish beaches in Wicklow)




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