21/32 – Day 21 – FULL BODY


I feel much better having more frequent breaks, my muscles are not as weak as they used to be and I feel that I could do more than before. However I still try to take it easy and this time I was looking for some lighter cardio workout for the whole body. Remembering last Jillian Michaels’s workout which I liked so much I started looking for something similar and found this:

Did I say I was looking for a light cardio? …….

Ha! This one is nothing close to light! It is deadly!!! It’s a killer!!! OMG… I’ve never done it before so I didn’t know what to expect but how have I missed the word “bodyshred” ?!?!?!

Well… I took it as a challenge and decided to do as much as I could and to give as much of my strength as I had. And honestly, there was two or three exercises which I was NOT ABLE to do! Especially ONE I remember, was absolutely impossible for me to do. Besides my wrists hurt after so many planks and push-ups.

This IS a real challenge to me and I’m going to do this workout more often to see if I do any progress. Really loved it! If you’re looking for some real killer-exercises this one is definitely worth a try. You’re gonna love it!


I’m doing good. I know I could drink more water though… I keep forgetting my bottle to work and it’s difficult to keep track of how much I actually drink, but I think it was close to 2l, so that’s not exactly what I had planned.


I didn’t sleep much at night, perhaps close to 6h in total, but I had a nap in the afternoon – for 2 hours! Yep, I was pretty wrecked and I needed that. When I woke up my husband treated me to coffee! At about 8pm … But I had absolutely no problem falling asleep for the night. That only explains how much sleep I need (or perhaps caffeine doesn’t work on me anymore?…)


Facebook app on my phone drives me mad, so I’m limiting the use of it anyway… I only keep an eye on my Instagram account trying to improve it as much as I can. And to my pure shock the photo I uploaded after my evening workout got the biggest amount of likes I’ve ever had on Insta so far (!?) Over 150 likes within half an hour! (over 170 till the next day!) Shock! It wasn’t even a good photo, lighting was horrible cause it was already getting dark, so the quality isn’t the best… but I must have used good hashtags and post it at the right moment I guess. Still, that was a very nice surprise to see it gained such interest. I wonder… Probably just pure luck. This is the photo:


I had better ones :p so it only proves how you can’t rely on “likes” on social media. You only need to have good tactics, so it seems.

As for the book, yes, I had time to read it before sleep even though it was already late, but I don’t have to get up too early on Saturday so I can go to sleep a bit later, if only I don’t feel too tired that is. And thanks to my earlier nap (and maybe also that late coffee, who knows?) I was OK to dedicate half an hour to my book right before bed time. Perhaps this is the way I should do it? 😉

I wonder if you have any tricks? Do you often take naps during the day?


2 thoughts on “21/32 – Day 21 – FULL BODY

  1. Sometimes I take naps in the afternoon because my baby wake at 6am. But by taking the nap I struggle at night… So I don’t nap anymore which I miss a lot hehe. I run with coffee the day.

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