23/32 – Day 23 – REST DAY (photo shoot)

At last! This photo shoot has been rescheduled twice due to bad weather conditions! We could do it only at the weekend but try to schedule something living in Ireland!!! You can never rely on weather forecast really… it was always raining on the day when we had that planned (obviously… it usually rains at the weekend). Fortunately it was (mostly) nice on Sunday. We still had a few minor showers but throughout the whole photo shoot it was dry!

It was a photo shoot for one of my friends. He is thinking about starting his own business here in Ireland and needed a few professional photos to put on his website. We’re really happy with the whole thing, it was a great cooperation, my friend was amazing! He’s very photogenic and really good with posing, even though he keeps saying that he’s not good at that… hahaha this is so typical but I love it!

We were shooting in the city centre of Dublin at the Grand Canal. Lovely buildings there and some great light. I think I will update this post later with at least a few photos or a link to the page where they will be uploaded.

Here’s a couple of photos I took with my phone (with some phone filters of course). You can’t really see much. There’s a few better spots we’ve used; one of them is the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, and Facebook headquarters building, part of which is in the “featured photo” at the top of this post. The second photo below was taken at the entrance to Facebook offices in Dublin.

Our handsome model
My husband in action

It was a lovely day, very productive but not tiring. Put me back on track with photo editing because I had to take a longer break in order to get some fresh vision and new motivation. I love the fact that we do it together with my husband. Mutual passion tightens the bond! It was a great time spent together.

Can’t wait to start editing!

Me at the entrance to Facebook office building

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