24/32 – Day 24 – REST DAY (our 10th anniversary)

When I look back in time I just can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! Yes, 10 years ago I married the most incredible man I’ve ever known. One who has turned my life upside down, who brought me here to Ireland and with whom I started a completely different life. One thanks to whom I’m finally able to fulfill my dreams, one who has always been my strongest supporter, who has always been loyal to me and never let me down. One whose love is passionate and strong even after those 10 years! And mine is as well. I love him to bits! ❤

We were not really celebrating this day. We’ve decided to do it during our holidays next week. We only raised a silent toast with a glass of Porto and wished ourselves another 10 happy hears, and more!!! It’s been an amazing journey! Full of ups and downs which are unavoidable, however love has always won! And we are stronger in our feelings and trust. Hoping for many more happy days to come 🙂

Here’s us 10 years ago:



And now (with our biggest treasure – our 8-year old daughter ❤ ):


I think this quote, which I’ve found in the Internet, pretty much sums up our relationship:



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