25/32 – Day 25 – LEGS & ABS


I’m still fighting! I put more emphasis on cardio workout now trying to loose that remaining bit of fat in my stomach area (extremely stubborn!)… at the same time I need some variety so I’m looking for different workouts on youtube. Today I did a workout by GymRa. Never done it before but I thought it would be just perfect cause it was longer than 10 minutes (as most of those tabata workouts are…) and looking quickly through all the exercises I thought it should be just fine cause it concentrates a lot on legs (reading: “butt”) and ABS, which I want to work on most!

Here it is:

I loved it!!! Burpees on only one hand – brilliant!  Side planks – I used to purely hate them – now they’re one of my favourite exercises. Squats – my thighs were on fire even though there was no weights involved. And those cardio parts – really challenging. This workout squeezed loads of sweat out of my body so I got what I was hoping for.

Sweaty post-workout selfie

There’s only ONE WEEK left till my holidays!!! OMG, I can’t believe it! I’m already very excited and I can’t wait for it. I’m pretty sure I won’t really have my ABS till then :p but I’ll be happy with whatever I manage to achieve. I’ve been working really hard on my body for all this time and I’m already quite satisfied with the results, proud of myself that I didn’t give up, most of all. I’ll keep pushing myself after I come back from hols cause I’m really curious how far I can get. Besides, I already love it too much!


I keep eating healthy and drinking loads of water. Only one coffee a day – americano with unsweetened almond or soy milk (you can get used to the taste, I guess… I’m still trying!). As for food, my husband believes in eating whatever he wants, and he couldn’t care less whether it’s healthy or not, as long as it’s high in calories (he’s desperately trying to gain weight – not an easy thing for an ectomorph). And of course for our daughter he is like an idol and she follows his example, to my pure horror sometimes… Trying to teach her the importance of healthy balanced diet, eating veggies and stuff usually ends in fiasco… She could live on pasta, pizza and pierogi most of the time, and she’d be happy (she’s as skinny as all of us anyway…). So this time it was pizza for dinner, but not for me, I made my own version of “pizza”:


Those are baked couragettes with bits of tomatoes, pepperoni kabanos and some ground parmesan cheese. You can also use feta cheese instead which is even better! I brushed them with a little bit of sesame oil but you can use olive oil or any other healthy oil instead. Bake for about 20 min in 180°C (fan assisted – I have only this one option in my crazy stupid oven…).

For the salad I also used natural yoghurt and sprinkled it with hemp seeds and linseed flakes and a little bit of almond, which I’m totally in love with and I add it to almost everything I eat. It was delicious! (my daughter of course doesn’t like couragettes so it was a big NO NO to her…)


Shortly speaking – not enough! 6h – not enough… but I was hoping for a nap during the day and couldn’t fall asleep even though I was so tired… hmmm… That is a bit strange in my case. Well, I think now I’ll keep a better track of my sleeping time and quality cause my Mi Band from Xiaomi has finally arrived!!! Yay!!! 😀 Now all of us have it, me and my daughter have the same ones from Xiaomi, and my husband has one from some other company. I love mine! The battery is supposed to last nearly the whole month! And when you want to charge it you only take out the main peace from the silicone band, looks really cute. And it does its job well. And many different colours to choose from. The yellow my daughter has chosen for herself looks really cool on her wrist.

We are big fans of Xiaomi products. We already have phones, a scale, a robot-hoover, an air-purifier and now this. Really happy with those products so far.



Still doing great, I think. I tend to ignore most of my Fb notifications (if they’re not entirely related to me that is…), leave my phone and take a book instead. It makes me feel much better, my brain is not that occupied with too much information and I can rest better. I’m really happy with how things go.

Counting days till my holidays. I’m dying for that break!!!

How about you? Do you have any plans for this summer?




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